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Press Releases and Articles

Welcome to the press release and article section of Alexandra's webiste. 

Below you can find the latest press releases and articles featuring Alexandra. 


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August 2013

Article Branding
Why branding is KEY to the success of your business

November 2012:

Press Release CSR Kenyan Dental Care Programme:
Hospitals in Kenya benefit from Alexandra workwear scrubs

September 2012: 

Press Release A Healthy Workforce is Healthy for Business: 
Considering companies’ health and safety needs when designing workwear and uniforms 

August 2012: 
Press Release The Chill Factor: 
David Harmer considers companies’ needs when designing uniforms for customers within the construction sector 
Press Release Alexandra Meets Demand for Professional Beauty Products at Olympia Beauty Show: 
Beauty workwear specialist Alexandra has a comprehensive portfolio of uniform and product lines on display at the Olympia Beauty Show 
Press Release Pregnant Women Need to Rethink Their Wardrobes, says Alexandra: 
Many clothing companies are anticipating an increase in demand for maternity 
Press Release At one time, even the humble suit was a newcomer…  
Suit design has been on a varied and exciting journey over the past three hundred and fifty years 
ArticleHospital Patient Pyjamas:
Hospital pyjamas from Alexandra preserve patients’ dignity 

ArticleSummer Office Attire: 
How to beat the heat with appropriate workwear 

ArticleNHS Patient Pyjamas: 
NHS nurses design embarrassment-free pyjamas for patients  
Press Release Product Launch: Heart of England NHS Trust Patient Pyjamas:  
Nursing staff team up with private partners to give hospital pyjamas a 21st century ‘modesty makeover’ from hospital staff  

ArticleMale Workwear Size Increase: 
Men in manufacturing 'get fat faster than anybody else in business' 

ArticleA Growing Industry:
Men’s waistlines in the land industries are expanding more rapidly 

ArticleWaistlines - a rare growth area for construction: 
Men’s waistlines in the construction industry are getting bigger  

ArticleWorkwear specialist reports expanding waistlines:
Men’s waistlines in the construction industry are expanding more rapidly 
Article Construction Workers are among the ‘Largest’ Workforce: 
Men’s waistlines in the construction industry are growing 
Press Release Battle of the Bulging Boiler Suit: 
The waistlines of manual workers are expanding 
July 2012: 
Press Release A 'Small' Change in the Healthcare Industry: 
Reported growth in the demand of petite uniforms 
Alexandra Launches a Brand New Gardening and Landscaping Range 
Press Release Product Range Launch: Painters and Decorators: 
Alexandra 'Splash Out' on a New Painting and Decorating Range  

November 2011: 
Article Construction Industry Dressing for Success: 
Dressing to create the right impression with clients, prospects and colleagues can help save jobs and win new business 

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