Alexandra - BSIF Registered Safety Supplier

We are pleased to announce that Alexandra is now a BSiF registered safety supplier.  

The British Safety industry Federation (BSiF), are the UK’s leading association for the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation 2016/425 and provides guidance for PPE compliance, working closely with Regulators, they are active across a range of Government departments.

The BSiF created the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS) to help combat the rise of non-approved and uncertified safety products being sold by suppliers within the UK. In creating this scheme, the BSiF sought to improve the quality of products available in the market and the capability of suppliers. In doing so, this ensures users and buyers are kept up to date with the latest regulations and are aware of the merits of using RSSS members to source PPE and safety products.

As a member of the RSSS, companies must sign a binding declaration to confirm that the equipment they provide, meets the appropriate standards, and fully complies with the PPE regulations and is appropriately CE/UKCA marked. 

With Alexandra being a supplier of PPE safety wear, this is an extremely important accreditation for the business to own, we are now able to display the RSSS shield with pride, illustrating our credibility, trustworthiness and expertise in safety supply and we are delighted to have gained this accreditation.

The RSSS Membership also further extends to our wider business with Mi Hub and Dimensions also securing their RSSS status for another year. 

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