Alexandra's Ethical Workwear Survey Results

August 2021

As part of Alexandra's commitment to ethical workwear, we wanted to find out how much of an influence sustainable manufacturing methods have on shoppers' buying choices.

In July 2021, we polled 1000 UK shoppers about their attitudes to ethical clothing with a series of ten questions asking them to consider why they purchase the clothing they do. 

Below are the full results.

About the survey sample

The survey gender, age and location breakdown can be seen below:




Question 1

How often do you tend to purchase new clothes?       

Question 2

When shopping for clothes, what is your primary deciding factor?

Question 3

What do you think ‘sustainable clothing’ means? (Select all that apply)                                                   

Question 4

When buying a new item of clothing, how important to you is it that the garment is sustainable?

Question 5

“I am concerned about the impact that clothing manufacturers have on the environment.”

Question 6

“I am more likely to purchase a garment if it is made locally from locally sourced material.”

Question 7

How likely would you be to purchase a sustainable garment if it were more expensive than a non-sustainable equivalent?                             

Question 8

“I prefer to purchase products that use recyclable or biodegradable packaging over those that use non-recycled or non-biodegradable packaging.”

Question 9

“I prefer to purchase garments from companies that maintain good working standards for their workers."

Question 10

Considering clothing rental, which statement best describes you?                                                     

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