How to create your new medical uniform nurse tunic

With hospital staff working even longer hours due to the pandemic, nurses need to make sure that their uniforms comfortably fit their job roles so they can do their shifts comfortably. 

Yet many procurement staff are buying uniforms for loads of people, and traditional methods of bulk buying haven’t left enough room for customisation.

Alexandra’s range of made to order Boyd Cooper nurse uniforms allow you to create the perfect uniform with all the features you’re looking for every time. 

Follow this guide to see how you too can create a professional and original nursing uniform.

Banner showing Alexandra's Boyd Cooper range of clothing.Banner showing Alexandra's Boyd Cooper range of clothing.
Boyd Cooper Range

Create your nurse uniform tunic

Before you get to the creating part, double check the uniform guidelines of your workplace. NHS trusts and private hospitals alike have strict guidelines on what staff can wear so you need to be sure that what you’re designing is permitted.

Once you’re sure you know what’s permitted, you can go ahead and create your new nurse tunic with Alexandra’ Boyd Cooper collection. The first made to order service that enables workplaces to create bespoke uniforms in styles, colours and fabrics tailored to their organisation.

1.  Choose a fabric

The Boyd Cooper range has three fabrics to choose from, each offering unique benefits.

Poly-Cotton: 65% polyester 35% cotton in a mid-weight blend that’s durable, crisp and offers no-fade protection for your colours so your uniform will remain at its best.

KIMI: This 60% cotton 40% polyester fabric gives you a smooth, satin weave to give your uniform a comfortable and luxurious feel. Trim colour options are available, but the base fabric is only available in white.

TENCEL®: A 50% Tencel® 50% polyester fabric that’s partly made from wood for sustainability. This fabric is eco-friendly, breathable, lightweight and soft.

2. Choose a style of tunic

Turn Back Cuff Tunic

A smart, unisex tunic with a turned-back cuff design that helps you to denote roles or match your business branding.

  • Features 2 hip pockets.
  • One chest pocket
  • Stud fastening

Triple Colour Tunics

Smart, contemporary and a little bit different, this unisex triple colour tunic is ideal for those who want to remain professional with a touch of individuality. 

  • 60º washable inline with infection prevention and control.
  • One chest pocket.
  • Two hip pockets.

Women’s & Men’s Classic Tunics

Available in both women’s and men’s styles, this classic cut tunic features a button-up front and a subtle contrast trim to enable you to denote roles.

  • Washable to 60º inline with infection prevention and control.
  • Two hip pockets
  • One chest pocket
  • Maternity size available
The Boyd Cooper range by Alexandra workwear.The Boyd Cooper range by Alexandra workwear.
Boyd Cooper Range

Women’s Long Line Tunics

The classic dress tunic style, this tunic features a button-up front and subtle contrast trim to denote roles.

  • 60º washable in line with infection control guidelines
  • Two hip pockets
  • One chest pocket
  • Maternity size available

3.  Choose a colour

Most of the Boyd Cooper collection is available in a range of colours, and in some cases, you have up to 53 to choose from.

When designing your tunic, you need to select the base colour (the main colour of the fabric) and then select the colours of the trims.

4.  Decide if you want to personalise your tunic

All of the clothing available from Boyd Cooper can be personalised with embroidery, printing or woven labels. Consider adding staff names, role names or even your company logo.

5. Add Trousers to your uniform

Now you’ve created your tunic, you should complete your uniform with corresponding trousers. Alexandra’s range of women’s work trousers and men’s work trousers are durable, made from no-fade fabric and are washable up to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control.

Women’s Essential Trousers

These ladies workwear trousers are in a classic design. They feature sewn-in creases for a professional look and an elastic waistband to keep you comfortable on a long shift.


Maternity Trousers

Perfect for working shifts during pregnancy, these trousers for women come with a soft front panel and an adjustable waistband to keep you extra comfortable.


Men’s Slim Leg Trousers

These trousers are in a classic style. They feature a zip-fly front, belt loops, two hip pockets and one back pocket for ease of wearing.

  1. Men's slim leg trousers
    Men's slim leg trousers
    As low as £17.63 £14.69
  2. Maternity trousers
    Maternity trousers
    As low as £19.50 £16.25
  3. Women’s flat front trouser
    Essential Women's Trousers
    As low as £16.79 £13.99

6. Add shoes to your uniform

Your shoes should always be flat so that they’re safe and comfortable for you to wear all day long. They should also usually be black.

Slip-on Shoes

Slip-ons are favoured by healthcare workers because they’re comfortable and easy to clean for infection control. Having no laces means they have fewer areas for dirt to build up and can be kept spotless. A great example of a slip-on is the safety slip-on, available from Alexandra.


Crew Shoes

Perfect for the lengthy stints healthcare staff spend on their feet, crew shoes can be the most comfortable option. Having laces means you can control their exact tightness and ensure they stay on your foot in exactly the way you want them to. Check out this slip-resistance crew shoe from Alexandra.

  1. Anvil Traction Oregon Sneaker Trainers
    Anvil Traction Oregon Trainer
    As low as £47.87 £39.89
  2. FW507
    Safety slip-on shoes
    As low as £32.75 £27.29

Buy your nursing wear available online with confidence

Now you have designed your tunic and selected the trousers, PPE and accessories you want, all that’s left to do is head to the checkout and complete your purchase. is a specialist supplier of healthcare clothing, so if you’re a nurse or procurement staff looking for new uniform head to the website to find everything you need.