The best housekeeping uniforms to buy

Housekeeping is a labour-intensive role that requires staff to be diligent, clean and professional at all times. Because of the role’s intensity, housekeepers need a cleaning uniform they can trust to keep them safe, comfortable and clean, shift after shift.

Alexandra asymmetrical button tunicAlexandra asymmetrical button tunic

Which housekeeping uniforms should you buy?

As housekeeping staff spend a lot of their time behind the scenes, where you don’t often get to see what they wear, it can be challenging to know which clothing items make for the best housekeeping uniform. Compiled by the UK’s most trusted workwear supplier, Alexandra, this article will outline the most popular items that housekeepers and their employers currently opt to wear. 

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Tunics & Dress

Tunics are by far the most popular top for housekeepers to wear. Tunics look smart, are often made from durable material and come in a range of styles, so you can always find the most comfortable fit. However, for housekeepers who prefer an ‘all-in-one’ style garment, a housekeeping dress is an excellent choice.

Open-neck contrast dress

Our open-neck contrast dress is ideal for housekeepers wanting a comfortable and professional look. With a concealed stud front and two well-placed hip pockets, this dress has a straight, clean-cut design that gives it a contemporary feel. Washable up to 50ºC and available in black, this dress is easy to care for.

Asymmetrical button trim tunic

The most popular style across many roles, our asymmetrical button trim tunic is bold and contemporary. Available in a range of colours, the garment’s large buttons contrast with the base colour to give it an eye-catching design. Its short mandarin colour helps keep the wearer cool and stretch fabric provides ease of movement.

Open neck contrast dressOpen neck contrast dress

Women’s lightweight tunic

Our lightweight women’s and men’s tunics are ideal for housekeepers who get hot during their shift or those working in the summer months. Made from a blend of polyester and cotton, this garment mixes synthetic durability with natural breathability to create comfortable workwear no matter how warm it gets.


Housekeepers need trousers that can withstand their working conditions. Trousers should consist of material that can cope with constant movement, kneeling and cleaning product spills.

Women’s concealed elasticated waist trousers

Our women’s concealed elasticated waist trousers are popular for housekeepers because they’re so comfortable. The elasticated waist allows freedom of movement for completing all kinds of cleaning tasks, and their durable fabric is guaranteed to last for at least two years.

Men’s cargo trousers

These men’s cargo trousers are ideal for housekeepers who want added durability without sacrificing practicality. They’re made from tough material and can withstand the harshest tasks without ripping, thinning or fraying. Featuring many pockets, these trousers allow housekeepers to keep their most essential equipment close to hand for easy and quick access.


Many housekeepers choose to incorporate a tabard or apron into their work uniform. Such a garment provides an extra protective barrier between the wearer’s skin and chemicals and helps guard against spills on tops or trousers. Our most popular tabards and aprons all come with pockets, as housekeepers find the added practicality useful.

Bib apron with pocketBib apron with pocket
Men's cargo trouserMen's cargo trouser

Long length tabard with pockets

Our best seller for housekeepers is the long-length tabard with pockets—a popular choice due to its full length, which covers both the wearer’s torso and thighs. Washable to 60ºC, in line with infection prevention and control guidelines, this tabard is excellent for working in unsanitary conditions.

Bib apron with pockets

Housekeepers choose our bib apron with pockets due to its versatility and practicality. Available in 16 different colour options and unisex sizing, this apron is ideal for individuals or businesses looking for comfortable workwear. Suitable for up to an 85ºC wash, this apron can tackle the dirtiest conditions and be thoroughly disinfected afterwards.


When it comes to their choice of shoes, housekeepers should prioritise safety and comfort. Safe shoes are non-slip with thick soles that cannot easily be penetrated by debris on the floor. Comfortable shoes should ideally have a flat sole and be breathable to keep the wearer’s feet cool throughout their shift.

ToffeIn EaziKlog 

The ToffeIn EaziKlog is our most popular clog because of its sheer practicality. It features a closed-in heel for added security, and the patented Grip-Safe protection gives a thick sole with excellent slip resistance. Finally, the specially shaped side vents prevent fluid from entering the shoe while permitting breathability to keep the wearer cool. 

ToffeIn UltraLite

Another popular clog choice for housekeepers is the ToffeIn UltraLite. These clogs are available in eight colour options with a soft leather insole with a shock-absorbing sole for added comfort. With its PU coated leather upper, these clogs are easy to clean should anything be spilled onto them. 


While housekeepers have always had to wear some PPE, heightened protection has become essential since the Coronavirus outbreak. Housekeepers should look for PPE that protects them from cleaning product spills and forms a protective barrier between them and infectious substances. 

25 Disposable Face Masks- Type IIR25 Disposable Face Masks- Type IIR
Toffeln UltraLiteToffeln UltraLite

Type 2 face mask

Our pack of 25 type II disposable face masks are perfect for keeping housekeepers safer during COVID-19 outbreaks. In addition, being disposable makes them ideal for being worn on long and hot shifts where sweat can build up, meaning you can just replace it with a new one at the start of a new day.


When purchasing your new housekeeping uniform, Alexandra has a wide range of garment options and styles to keep both men and women comfortable, safe and professional while on shift. All of our own-brand garments come with a two-year guarantee from the delivery date, and most are available for next day express delivery.

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