The Best Material for Nurses Uniforms

At Alexandra, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our workwear to make sure it’s always the most comfortable, durable and safe that you’ll be able to find in the UK. 

Recently, we launched a world first: our range of reusable theatre caps. Developed in partnership with the NHS as part of their Greener NHS scheme, these caps will help reduce waste and reduce the carbon footprint of the health service.

Boyd Cooper Range

Our latest innovation is our Made-to-Order range. A selection of healthcare tunics and trousers that allows procurement staff and managers to easily personalise their colleague’s uniforms. With tunic and trouser styles, colours and materials all customisable, the range provides a great way to stand out in a professional way.

Boyd Cooper Range by AlexandraBoyd Cooper Range by Alexandra
Boyd Cooper Range

What material should your nurse's uniform be?

The material of your workwear is critical for comfort: you want something lightweight and breathable to keep you cool on busy shifts. 

You also want something to keep you safe: designed with healthcare professionals in mind, each Boyd Cooper material is washable to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control guidelines to do just that.

Before purchasing any uniforms make sure you double-check your workplace’s uniform guidelines to be certain that your choice conforms to their standards.



This 65% polyester 35% cotton blend is ideal for most healthcare uniforms. The material offers bright, no-fade colours that ensure your uniform remains smart, even after a lot of use, and the material is durable to last as long as you need it to. The blend of cotton also maximises this material’s breathability to keep you cool all shift long.



A soft-touch cotton rich satin weave fabric that adds a luxurious feel to any tunic. This fabric is ideal for those looking for a softer material choice, and the 40% mix of polyester means you get that without sacrificing durability.



Alexandra’s material derived from a sustainable wood source. The TENCEL® fabric is made from Lyocell fibres and gives you an eco-friendly uniform option. This material not only aids the planet but provides a breathable, lightweight and soft fabric to keep you comfortable at work.

Please be aware that not every Boyd Cooper garment is available in all materials.

What styles are available?

The Boyd Cooper selection features a range of different medical uniform options for all levels of nursing staff. Below we’ll highlight some of the best sellers:

Turn-back Cuff Tunic

A smart, women’s tunic with a turned-back cuff design that helps you to denote roles or match your business branding. 

  • Features 2 hip pockets.
  • One chest pocket
  • Stud fastening

Women's & Men's Classic Tunics

Available in both women’s and men’s styles, this classic cut tunic features a zip front and a subtle contrast trim to enable you to denote roles.

  • Washable to 60º inline with infection prevention and control.
  • Two hip pockets
  • One chest pocket
  • Maternity size available

Women's & Men's Slim Leg Trousers

Fitted for men and women, these trousers offer a classic, professional style with features that make them useful during your shift.

  • One back pocket
  • Elasticated waistband

Where can I buy NHS uniform supplies?

The items above, along with hundreds of other choices, are all available from the Boyd Cooper range at Alexandra

All of Alexandra’s uniform options come with a 2-year guarantee from the date of delivery and free delivery on orders over £60.

You can check out Alexandra’s full range of nurses uniforms here.

The best material for nurse scrubsThe best material for nurse scrubs
The best material for nurse scrubs