The best maternity nursing tops UK nurses can purchase

Nursing can be hard work even at the best of times, but working as a pregnant nurse makes it even harder. So nurses need maternity clothing that makes their working life as easy and comfortable as possible.

This guide created by Alexandra Workwear, the UK’s leading supplier of healthcare uniforms, shows you the different maternity nursing tops available to help you find one suitable for your pregnancy.

Alexandra maternity clothingAlexandra maternity clothing
Alexandra maternity clothing

See if your workplace provides your maternity clothing

Before you purchase any maternity workwear, you should make sure your workplace doesn’t want you to wear the clothes that it provides. Many private and NHS hospitals across the UK provide workwear for their staff, including maternity wear, so double-check before you make a purchase.

Check your workplace uniform guidelines

Alongside checking whether your workplace provides uniforms, you should also check what they permit you to wear. Every healthcare workplace has strict uniform guidelines for each role, including maternity wear, and will expect you to conform to their rules.

Maternity nursing tops UK nurses can buy

The best maternity nursing clothes keep you comfortable and well supported throughout your shift. Below are five of the best maternity tops and maternity nursing dresses currently available to UK nurses.

Maternity Tunic

Alexandra’s simple maternity tunic is designed with nurses in mind. It comes in eight colour choices, each with two trim options, ideal for denoting roles. This tunic is functional, offering you two hip and chest pockets and hard-wearing to withstand the industrial laundering process.

Maternity Tunic by AlexandraMaternity Tunic by Alexandra
Maternity Tunic by Alexandra
Maternity Blouse by AlexandraMaternity Blouse by Alexandra
Maternity Blouse by Alexandra

Maternity Blouse

The maternity blouse gives a professional look ideal for wear by non-clinical staff, such as those who work on reception or in back offices. Its short sleeve and lightweight 100gsm 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend material keep it cool and easy to wear on hot days. Available in three colours, this blouse comes in sizes 6-26 and is suitable for up to a 40ºC wash.

Maternity dress

Alexandra’s classic maternity dress is comfortable and practical to offer a professional look. The dress permits you to store all of your most essential tools close to hand with two hip and chest pockets. And its seven colour options with two trim options make it ideal for denoting roles in any hospital or healthcare environment.

Maternity Dress by AlexandraMaternity Dress by Alexandra
Maternity Dress by Alexandra
Maternity Stripe Tunic by AlexandraMaternity Stripe Tunic by Alexandra
Maternity Stripe Tunic by Alexandra

Maternity Stripe Tunic

Available in five pinstripe colour choices with two trim options, this stripe tunic is a nursing workwear staple. It’s comfortable and hard-wearing with a 67% polyester / 33% cotton blend, lending itself well to industrial laundering processes. The concealed zip front keeps this tunic stylish, modern and professional.

Maternity Stripe Dress 

Similarly to the strip tunic, the striped dress is another nursing staple made from a 67% polyester / 33% cotton blend material. It’s machine washable and industrially launderable and is durable enough to withstand even the harshest of washing techniques. In addition, this dress’ double action back and front and back skirt pleats keep it professional and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

When choosing your maternity nursing top, make sure you consider your workwear guidelines and the style of uniform you find most comfortable. For example, some nurses are happiest in tunics, whereas others prefer the feel of a dress.

Whatever your preference, choose the largest nursing tops UK supplier Alexandra for your new uniform.

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Maternity Stripe Dress by AlexandraMaternity Stripe Dress by Alexandra
Maternity Stripe Dress by Alexandra