The best workwear for every hospitality role

The hospitality industry is an umbrella term encompassing many business types. Within it are many sub-sectors, including restaurants, hotels, events, recreational activities and theme parks, and one thing they all share in common is customer service.

Server serving a customer outsideServer serving a customer outside

The massive scope of the industry means it contains a vast number of roles. From hotel porters to managers and chefs to reception staff, every position requires a uniform that performs well for that particular role and adheres to specific regulations. Hence, it can be challenging to know what uniform to purchase for your team.

This article, by clothing manufacturer Alexandra, gives a quick overview of the most common roles within the hospitality sector and tips about what to look for in hospitality uniforms.

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The best workwear for your hospitality role

When purchasing a uniform for your employees, you need to consider what their role entails, how best to keep them comfortable on shift and what safety features their workwear requires. 

As sustainability is a big focus for customers and businesses globally, you should also consider how your workwear is made. Alexandra now makes hospitality garments in our Made to Order range from the TENCEL® sustainable fabric. Created from sustainably sourced eucalyptus tree pulp, TENCEL® is part of our aim to become one of the go-to ethical clothing manufacturers, UK-wide.

Hospitality management

Management needs a uniform that sets them apart from the rest of the team to signify to customers who is in charge.

Women & Men’s wing collar shirt

Management cannot go wrong with a well-fitted, neutral coloured shirt. A shirt always gives a professional image, and wearing a different shade to the rest of your team will set you apart to demonstrate your workplace’s hierarchy.

Easycare women’s & men’s trousers

Management often sacrifices style for professionalism, but a well-fitted shirt paired with black trousers gives you both because it’s an outfit that’s smart and practical.

Women's Wing Collar ShirtWomen's Wing Collar Shirt
Women's Wing Collar Shirt

Anvil Traction Georgia Court Shoe

Footwear for managers should be smart and subtle to signify the importance of the role. These women’s shoes are stylish, and their low-heel keeps them comfortable all day. Alternatively, these men’s shoes are practical, and their simple style never goes out of fashion. 

Transparent face covering

Any front of house staff members could wear transparent face masks to more easily communicate with customers. With a see-through window to enable people to lip-read, these aid the deaf and hard of hearing in understanding you. Hence, management can help to create an inclusive workplace by wearing see-through masks.

Reception staff

Reception staff are the first members of staff your customers see, so they always need to look smart to set a great first impression.

Women & men’s gilt button waistcoat

Waistcoats are fashionable yet traditional and always look smart, making them ideal as receptionist uniform for many hospitality venues.

Women & men’s slim-leg trousers

Complement a well-fitted waistcoat with slim-leg trousers to make your reception staff look sleek and stylish.

Elasticated bow tie

A vintage twist that can add a finishing touch to any reception uniform is a bow-tie; it works equally well in traditional and more modern establishments.

Hand sanitiser

Displaying hand sanitiser on the front desk reassures customers that your establishment is COVID-secure, and it acts as a gentle reminder to social distance.

Women's Gilt Button WaistcoatWomen's Gilt Button Waistcoat
Women's Gilt Button Waistcoat

Waiting staff

As they’re responsible for serving customers’ food, waiting staff need to have presentable and clean uniforms at all times.

Women & men’s roll up short sleeve shirt

Shirts never go out of fashion because they symbolise smartness and professionalism – this is precisely the impression you want your waiting staff to give.

Faux leather waist apron

A faux leather waist apron adds a different texture to your waiting staff uniform while also giving them a useful place to store notepads and pens to take customer orders.

Faux Leather Waist ApronFaux Leather Waist Apron
Faux Leather Waist Apron


Chef uniforms need to prioritise comfort and safety over style due to the high temperatures and hazards of the kitchen. However, chefs do still need to look professional should a customer wish to speak to them.

Precision chef’s jacket

The staple chef’s jacket epitomises the role. This jacket suits any chef level to look professional while helping to protect the wearer.

Precision Chef's JacketPrecision Chef's Jacket
Precision Chef's Jacket

Precision chef’s trousers

Purchasing chef’s trousers in a similar style to the chef jacket helps complete the uniform. The polyester/cotton material provides breathability and comfort.

Safety shoes

Kitting your chefs out with safety shoes ensures they are kept safe from any floor or falling hazards. Make sure you purchase ones with the correct safety rating.

Cleaning staff

Not often visible to customers, cleaning staff need to prioritise uniforms that keep them safe and comfortable.

V-neck tabard

Housekeeping tabards should be like this one: it’s smart, comfortable and protects the wearer from spills of any cleaning products.

Women & Men’s mandarin collar tunic

A great choice to wear under a protective tabard, the mandarin collar tunic is durable and allows for ease of movement. 

3 Ply antibacterial washable face mask

With all the cleaning products they use, housekeepers need to wear a well-fitted and comfortable face mask. Washable face masks are the more environmentally friendly choice.

V-neck TabardV-neck Tabard
V-neck Tabard

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