The top hospitality workwear trends for 2021

With the hospitality industry reopening this week, business owners are looking for ways to refresh their establishments to draw customers back.

One of the best ways they’ve found to do this is updating staff uniforms. A clean and well-designed uniform speaks for your business’s professionalism and lets people know they’ve made the best choice in coming to you.

If you’re thinking about updating your staff uniforms but aren’t sure what style to choose, then you’ve come to the right place. As recently outlined by our Lead Designer Nicole Lewis, “at Alexandra we’re constantly updating our clothing lines to respond to the latest workwear trends, regulations and technology.”

Here’s a quick rundown of the hospitality uniform trends making an impact this year.

1. Sustainable workwear

With climate change an increasingly spoken-about issue, more people are making ethical choices where they can. Hence, your business can do its bit while appealing to a broader audience by choosing sustainable workwear.

Alexandra’s Made to Order range gives the option of cutting-edge sustainable materials. Many items within our Boyd Cooper range are available in TENCEL® fabric. This is a new type of 100% sustainable and biodegradable material made in part from eucalyptus fibres.

Boyd Cooper TunicBoyd Cooper Tunic
Boyd Cooper Tunic

2. Slow fashion

As the appetite for sustainable clothes increases, so the demand for cheap, non-durable clothes decreases. Many hospitality businesses are looking to invest in their uniforms, making the ethical choice of high-quality fabrics over cheaper imitations a top trend in 2021.

Make the most of this trend by choosing durable fabrics with non-fade colours that will last years. The entire range of hospitality clothing from Alexandra comes with a two-year guarantee from the date of delivery. So when you buy from us, you know you’re getting workwear that’s designed to last.

3. Bespoke uniforms

When you reopen your business, you’re going to want to draw customers in and make them remember your brand. One of the best ways to do this is by re-affirming who you and your staff are through your uniforms.

At Alexandra, we allow you to easily design uniforms in your brand colours and add extras like embroidered logos, staff names and job titles. A striking design will make your brand easily identifiable to make customers take note.

Transparent face coveringTransparent face covering
Transparent face covering

4. PPE

With the Coronavirus pandemic ongoing, no business can survive without PPE. This makes personal protective equipment 2021’s top trend industry-wide.

Keep your staff and customers safe by stocking up on all the PPE you need from Alexandra. We stock a wide range of face masks, gloves, social distancing kits, disposable aprons and hand sanitiser.

5. Statement Pieces

One of the biggest hospitality uniform trends for 2021 is the return of statement pieces. Draw attention to your business on reopening through items and accessories that stand out from the competition.

From front of house restaurant uniforms to chef uniforms, Alexandra stocks all the items you need. Items like striped waistcoats with faux gold button detailing and contemporary mandarin collar chef jackets are in vogue this season.

6. Easier ordering for hospitality uniforms

As hospitality managers will have a busy few months upon reopening, many set up uniform orders now and choose websites that make the ordering process easy.

Alexandra’s relaunched website does just that. Our Quick Order system makes it simple for you to reorder past orders and buy in bulk.

Men's striped waistcoatMen's striped waistcoat
Men's striped waistcoat
Contrast Waist ApronContrast Waist Apron
Contrast Waist Apron

7. Vibrant colours

Alongside statement pieces, a big hospitality uniform trend for 2021 is vibrant colours. Business owners want to make their establishments look enticing with fun and bright colours.

Many items in Alexandra’s kitchen workwear range are available in a wide selection of colours. For example, you can purchase our bib work aprons with pockets in lime green, petrol blue, cherry red and spruce green.

It’s not only the bright colours making a comeback. More formal businesses are adding flourishes of colour to a primarily neutral uniform. Our contrast waist range of aprons gives such an option and comes in colours such as orange and royal purple. 

For our work aprons, UK business owners are spoiled for choice.

How to buy the best hospitality workwear

Now you know the top trends for this season, it’s time to create your style. 

Shop Alexandra’s range of competitively priced hospitality workwear from one of the UK’s largest catering clothing suppliers.