The ultimate guide to buying nursewear

As a medical professional, you need healthcare uniforms you don’t have to think about. Your work is busy and important, with long hours and you need clothes to simply do their job.

With healthcare clothing or medical workwear, there are many considerations for you to make.  It has to keep you safe, so when you’re buying nursing clothing you may question: Which supplier can I trust? What should I consider when shopping for workwear? How can I be sure clothes to meet my requirements? 

This guide gives you the answers to these questions. With a 4-step process for medical uniform buying, it will tell you which supplier you can trust, what to consider and which uniforms and workwear to purchase.

1. What's the best place to buy nursing scrubs?

To save you the worry of unsafe nurse uniform supplies, you need to know your workwear is suitable for use within medical environments. Finding a supplier you can trust is paramount.

You can purchase trusted healthcare clothing at 

They know you need:

Workwear that keeps you and your patients safe

That’s why their wide range of clothing is designed by experts and is NHS-approved, to make sure it’s safe for use in a medical environment.


Clothing you’re sure will see you through the day

That’s why their clothing is high-quality and comes with a 2-year guarantee to save you from worrying about its durability.


Clothes that don’t distract you

That’s why they have a team of expert fitters to make sure the clothing fits you in a way that is 100% comfortable.


They have experience in delivering it

Your colleagues have used Alexandra for years

Alexandra has made workwear since 1854. You won’t find a supplier with more experience in designing clothing for working people. 


The Royal Family believes in Alexandra

Alexandra was awarded the Royal Warrant in 1990. 

1930s Nurse Uniform1930s Nurse Uniform
1930s Nurse Uniform

2. Nurse uniforms, who wears what?

Choosing your new uniform can be confusing because  there’s so much to consider. Break your thinking down into where you work, what kind of role you have and what you do day-to-day to make this task easier.

What is the dress code for nurses where you work?

Where you work usually determines your dress code.


Look at your workplace uniform guidelines

Research your workplace’s standards to know you’re sticking to the rules. No matter what else you’ve thought about, if your new uniform doesn’t adhere to your practice’s uniform code then you’re going to find yourself unable to wear it. 

What kind of role do you have?

What category your role fits into directly influences the clothing options you have.


Consider if you’re clinical staff or non-clinical staff

Non-clinical-staff have more clothing options than clinical staff. Because they don’t work directly with patients they don’t have to have the same considerations about contamination and overall safety.

What you do day-to-day

Think about how you tend to work, not just the role you do.


If you’re clinical staff, consider:

Whether the clothes will keep you safe

Shop for workwear designed to be sterile and easy to clean. Your clothes need to form a barrier between you and your patients – they need to make sure contamination isn’t a risk. 


If you’re clinical staff or non-clinical staff, consider:

Whether the clothes will be comfortable

Get clothes that aren’t too hot or too cold and fit you correctly. You work long hours so you need workwear that won’t rub or be too tight. Alexandra’s team of fitters can ensure your clothing fits you just right.


How durable you need your workwear to be

Find clothing that will last you through every shift so that you can think about other things. Alexandra’s clothing comes with a 2-year guarantee to ensure exactly this.


Whether you need personalisation

Think about having your name embroidered onto your clothing as it can help patients and staff to recognise you. Always make sure this is permitted by your uniform guidelines. Alexandra can personalise your workwear.


How much time you have to care for your clothes

Consider buying enough uniforms to last the week. To make sure your clothes are safe and comfortable, you will need to thoroughly wash them after each shift. 


If you’re non-clinical staff, consider:

The suitability of your outfit

Make sure your clothing is smart and you wear sensible footwear. You may not always be facing patients, but you still need to be ready for any situation your job needs you to undertake.


How trustworthy you look

Wear clothes that make you look authoritative but not so smart you look unempathetic. For the moments when you are dealing with patients or colleagues, wear clothes that make you look trustworthy.

What uniforms do nurses wear?

Now you know where to buy your clothing and what to consider when buying it, the time has come to see what clothing is available to purchase that suits your needs.

Clinical staff clothing options

Nurse scrubs

Scrubs should be worn as they’re comfortable. They are also the best way to reduce the risk of contamination. Scrubs should be washed at 60º daily in line with the garments care instructions and infection control guidelines.


Nursing top & trouser combination

A nurse tunic and a pair of trousers, or a scrub top and a pair of trousers. The entire outfit can either be one solid colour, or the trousers can be a darker colour such as navy or black.

Separates are preferred by many nurses for their comfort on long shifts.  All options are available at Alexandra who can make sure you get the correct size with their expert fitters.

Unisex Contrast Trim Scrubs by AlexandraUnisex Contrast Trim Scrubs by Alexandra
Unisex Contrast Trim Scrubs

Dresses & Tunics

Styles available include striped, zip-front and mandarin collar dresses. Dresses must sit below the knee and be accompanied by plain hosiery unless the weather is extremely hot. 

A dress makes a durable option for medical staff. Made from colourfast fabric and industry approved, Alexandra can provide quality nursing dresses at affordable prices. 

Zip Front Dress Tunic by AlexandraZip Front Dress Tunic by Alexandra
Zip Front Dress Tunic
Sketcher's Women's Slip On ShoeSketcher's Women's Slip On Shoe
Sketcher's Women's Slip On Shoe

Footwear options

Your shoes should always be flat so that they’re safe and comfortable for you to wear all day long. They should also usually be black.


Slip-on shoes

Slip-ons are favoured by healthcare workers because they’re comfortable and easy to clean for infection control. Having no laces means they have fewer areas for dirt to build up and can be kept spotless. A great example of a slip-on is the Sketchers Women’s Slip-On, available from Alexandra.

Anvil Sneaker TrainersAnvil Sneaker Trainers
Anvil Sneaker Trainers

Crew shoes

Perfect for the lengthy stints healthcare staff spend on their feet, crew shoes can be the most comfortable option. Having laces means you can control their exact tightness and ensure they stay on your foot in exactly the way you want them to. Check out this slip-resistance crew shoe from Alexandra.


Safety shoes

There are times when you might need thicker soles or steel toe caps, especially if your job requires you to manoeuvre a heavy trolly. Safety footwear, available at Alexandra, from trainers and boots to wellies is ideal for this sort of situation. 

What accessories should you wear?

Don’t forget about the power of accessories to make your job easier. Having the right equipment on you all the time can speed up your productivity and stop you from getting frustrated by having to find things.


Safety is of top importance when working in healthcare. PPE makes sure you give yourself a protective barrier between you and your patient to keep you both safe. Consider buying some or all of the following:

  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Goggles
  • Safety shoes

Non-clinical staff clothing options

If you don’t work directly with patients you have more uniform options. So, as long as your clothing conforms to your work place’s guidelines, the following suggestions from Alexandra include:

Business separates

A conservative-coloured shirt or blouse paired with straight, dark trousers. Separates are always a comfortable choice for any work environment. 



A well-cut and conservative coloured dress in a bodycon or midi style. This presents a professional image whilst also being durable and comfortable.



Brogues for men, or low-heeled shoes for women.

Easycare Women's Short Sleeve ShirtEasycare Women's Short Sleeve Shirt
Easycare Women's Short Sleeve Shirt

Buy your nursing wear online with confidence

Now you have selected the clothes that you are going to be, you may wish to consider personalising your uniform.

Want to find out more about our bespoke services? View our embroidered names here and personal fitting service here.

Otherwise, head to the checkout and complete your purchase. are a specialist supplier of healthcare clothing, so if you’re a clinical or non-clinical staff member looking for a new uniform head to our website to find everything you need.

The ultimate guide to buying nursewear infographicThe ultimate guide to buying nursewear infographic
The ultimate guide to buying nursewear