Tips for Buying Nurse’s Hospital Scrubs

Nurses need clothing they can rely on. During their shifts they need to be able to give full attention to their duties and the needs of their patients, and concerns about their uniform should never take precedent.

If you work in hospital uniform procurement or are a nurse or care worker responsible for purchasing your own uniform then here are 5 key things Alexandra suggests you consider when looking for medical scrubs or tunics:

Consider your safety

The primary purpose of a hospital uniform is to keep clinicians and patients safe. They do this by forming a protective barrier between the wearer and any hazardous substances they might otherwise come into contact with.

Alexandra’s scrub sets, scrub tunics and scrub trousers are designed with safety as a priority. They’re washable up to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control guidelines, and are made from a tough material to survive repeated cycles through the industrial laundering process.

Men's Tunic by AlexandraMen's Tunic by Alexandra
Men's Tunic

Think about durability

A priority along safety is the durability of your scrubs. Uniforms with holes in it or loose threads are compromised and will need replacing. Alexandra’s scrubs are all made from a no-fade, tough polyester / cotton mix material and come with a two-year guarantee. You can be certain of how long your workwear is going to last and look professional while wearing it.


Built into the purpose of wearing a uniform is the authority it gives the wearer. A uniform in a hospital lets patients, colleagues and visitors alike know that you are supposed to be there. This gives them confidence that they are in the correct place and that you are the correct person to see. Hospital visits can often be a worrying time, so a uniform makes clinicians easily recognisable and creates peace of mind.

All of Alexandra’ scrubs are designed and manufactured with hospital use in mind. As an official supplier of uniforms to NHS trusts and private hospitals, you can be sure that our uniform maintains your professional image. We also offer most of our scrubs in a range of colours and personalisation options, so you can tailor your design to your workplace’s branding.

Women's Classic Collar TunicWomen's Classic Collar Tunic
Women's Classic Collar Tunic


Along with uniform safety, comfort is perhaps the most important point. Clinicians are to wear their uniforms for long periods of time, often in very busy conditions, so any scrubs they wear need to be comfortable.

Alexandra’s scrubs are designed for comfort. All of them are made with breathable fabric to ensure effective temperature regulation that keeps the wearer cool, and some have side vents for extra ventilation. All of our uniforms can also be fitted by our expert team of fitters to ensure clinicians get the perfect size for their frame and the right ease of movement when on shift.


A final point is uniform care. While many hospitals will wash staff uniforms themselves, others insist non-surgical nurses take their own clothing home to wash. Alexandra’s scrubs are easy to wash to 60ºC and their no-fade fabric ensures they’ll survive even the harshest of wash cycles.

Where should you buy hospital scrubs?

Before purchasing any new scrubs, ensure that they conform to the workplace’s uniform guidelines. 

Scrub sets, scrub tunics and scrub trousers are all available at, the UK’s most trusted supplier of medical uniforms.

Lightweight Tunic by AlexandraLightweight Tunic by Alexandra
Lightweight Tunic
Tips for buying nurses scrubsTips for buying nurses scrubs
Tips for buying nurses scrubs