Top trending healthcare and hospitality workwear for 2021

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about the top healthcare and hospitality trends for 2021. From kitting their staff out with everything from Tencel fabric made by environmentally friendly clothing brands to alcohol-based hand sanitiser, we’ve looked at what these industries are doing to stay up to date. 

Now we’re focussing inward to see what’s trending across these sectors on the Alexandra website. This post will reveal what our best selling garments are and the benefits they offer. 

Top healthcare products

Women's Tunic

It’s easy to see why our classic women’s tunic is Alexandra’s best-selling product so far throughout 2021. The simple and elegant straight lines give a contemporary feel while respecting traditional nursing outfits. The different colour detailing on the collar and cuffs provides added interest to the solid colour featured on the rest of the tunic.

Available in 25 different colours and washable to 60ºC, our Women’s tunic suits any healthcare role.  It features a concealed open end zip front and double action back vents for ease of movement. Finally, the tunic offers two chest and hip pockets so the wearer can easily keep their most-used equipment to hand.

Scrub Trousers

The most popular item in our medical scrubs range is our unisex scrub trousers. Lightweight fabric keeps the wearer cool on long shifts and features an elasticated drawstring waist to fit all shapes and sizes comfortably. 

Made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these trousers get the durability of artificial fibres with the breathability of natural ones. This makes these scrubs ideal for going through the harsh industrial laundering process again and again. 

  1. Women’s tunic
    Women's tunic
    As low as £17.99 £14.99
  2. Smart scrub trousers
    Smart scrub trousers
    As low as £32.75 £27.29
  1. Women's scrub tunic
    Women’s lightweight scrub tunic
    As low as £13.20 £11.00
  2. Lightweight Scrub Set
    Lightweight Scrub Set
    As low as £22.74 £18.95

Women's Scrub Tunic

Our most popular scrub tunic top is this light and airy women’s V-neck. This tunic is ideal for busy healthcare workers who need to keep equipment immediately to hand due to its two large hip pockets. And with two side vents, it’s great for keeping the wearer cool on long, hot shifts.

Available in 21 colours, this tunic is easily worn in a variety of healthcare settings and for a variety of roles. Made to withstand a 60ºC industrial wash, this tunic is easy to keep clean to protect against infection.

Lightweight Scrub Set

Rounding out our top four best-selling healthcare products is this lightweight scrub set. An easy-to-purchase set consisting of a scrub tunic and trousers, these are ideal for busy surgical staff. Both garments are made to be loose-fitting and breathable to keep the wearer cool.

Top Hospitality Products

Easycare Tabard

Our bestselling hospitality product is the Easycare tabard with pockets. Designed to do what it says, this tabard is easy to care for, being washable up to 85ºC. It’s perfect for those working in catering to keep clean as businesses reopen.

Available in a wide range of colours, this tabard suits the scheme of any establishment. With a score of 4.7 on Trustpilot, it seems many working in hospitality agree, calling it “excellent value”, “great”, and “good quality”. Also used as salonwear, one reviewer even calls the Easycare Tabard simply “brilliant”. 

Polo Shirt

As mentioned in a recent blog post, establishments are looking to update their uniforms with bright colours to attract attention. Hence one of the reasons why our polo shirt, available in a vast range of eye-catching colours, has worked its way to one of our top sellers.

Unisex, short-sleeved and washable to 60ºC, this is a classic polo shirt design that looks smart in all manner of hospitality venues. With personalisation options such as bespoke embroidery available, our polo shirt is ideal for all staff members. 

  1. W112
    Tabard with pocket
    As low as £9.59 £7.99
  2. NM231
    Unisex polo shirt
    As low as £8.39 £6.99
  1. Essential long sleeve chef jacket
    Essential short sleeve chef jacket
    As low as £13.14 £10.95
  2. Bib apron
    Bib apron
    As low as £8.82 £7.35

Essential Short Sleeved Chef Jacket

With the hospitality industry allowed to reopen just in time for summer, it’s no wonder many of our top-selling kitchen workwear items are designed to keep the wearer cool. No exception to this is our short-sleeved chef jacket made in part from breathable cotton which helps to expel body heat in busy kitchens.

This smart and contemporary designed jacket makes any chef look professional, whether commanding the kitchen or talking with customers front of house. It’s available in black or white.

Bib Apron

Rounding out our top-selling hospitality workwear is this stylish bib apron. Cut in a classic style but available in a range of contemporary colours, it’s ideal for rustic cafes and coffee shops. 

Featuring a self-fabric waist and neckties, our bib apron can be adjusted to any body type with ease to stay comfortable over long shifts. It’s also washable up to 85ºC to keep it and your establishment looking clean and presentable. 

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