What nurse tunics and nurse trousers should you buy?

More people within the healthcare industry are returning to work. This means business owners and procurement managers alike are looking to buy medical tunics and trousers that keep their colleagues and staff safe and protected while on shift.

Whether you’re a nurse, dentist, beautician or physiotherapist, Alexandra has put together this guide to help you decide which tunic and trouser combination is best for your industry role, your business or yourself.

Nurse wearing a tunicNurse wearing a tunic
Nurse wearing a tunic

What are healthcare tunics?

Tunics are a style of top sized in between a T-shirt and a dress. They are comfortable to wear, complement your body shape and allow ease of movement. 

As a healthcare uniform, nurse tunics have been specifically designed for use in medical settings

  • They are made of durable, comfortable fabric that is robust to deal with the long shifts medical staff face.
  • They are made of a fabric that’s washable up to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control.

Tunics have been worn by nurses since the advent of nursing in the 19th century. Their design is derived from nuns’ habits who until that point had been the caregivers to the sick and injured. In-training nurses wanted to copy the style of the clothing their nun superiors wore, so the tunic design was born to do just that. 

Who wears tunics?

  • Nurses – Tunics are the traditional nursing uniform worn on wards. This is because they’re easy to clean for infection control and comfortable to wear. 
  • Care workers – For the same reason as nurses, tunics are ideal for care workers who work in close contact with patients.
  • Physiotherapists - Tunics are worn for the same reason as nurses. Physiotherapists also tend to wear polo shirts due to the physical nature of their role.
  • Beauticians – Tunics are preferred by beauticians because they come in a variety of fabrics, colours and styles to fit the fashion trends and the individual brand identity.


1930s Nurse Uniform1930s Nurse Uniform
1930s Nurse Uniform

What tunics are available?

Tunics for non-surgical nurses, midwives, physiotherapists & carers

All non-surgical tunics available from Alexandra are washable to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control.

Women’s & Men’s Classic Collar Tunics

A classic style tunic made from a durable, hard-wearing fabric with side vents for ease of movement and hip & chest pockets for ease of wearing. 


Contemporary Contrast Trim

Available in women’s and men’s sizes, this tunic has all of the features of the classic collar with the addition of contrast trims on the collar, pockets and cuffs which can be used to denote roles.

Contrast Trim TunicContrast Trim Tunic
Contrast Trim Tunic

Tunics for dentists

All dental tunics available from Alexandra are washable to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control guidelines.

Women’s & Men’s Dental Tunics

Featuring the classic asymmetrical-stud front, these dental tunics are made from a durable, hard-wearing fabric and have hip and chest pockets for ease of wearing.

Men's Dental TunicMen's Dental Tunic
Men's Dental Tunic

Tunics for beauticians

All beauticians tunics available from Alexandra are washable to 40ºC.

Asymmetrical Zip Tunic

Made from a soft-touch stretch fabric, this asymmetrical open-ended zip front tunic is stylish and comfortable.


Asymmetrical Button Tunic

Featuring a crystal stud button front, this tunic is perfect for businesses wanting their uniform to add a touch of elegance.

Asymmetrical Button TunicAsymmetrical Button Tunic
Asymmetrical Button Tunic

Other features of tunics

All healthcare clothing at Alexandra is available in a variety of colours and with personalisation options:

  • Colours – Can be used to denote roles or departments, or to help promote your brand by using its primary colours.
  • PersonalisationAll tunics are easily embroidered or printed. They can be used to create your brand identity or promote a clear safety message.
  • Fitting – Alexandra has a team of expert fitters who can ensure your clothing reaches you in exactly the right size.

What trousers should medical staff wear?

All of Alexandra’s healthcare trousers are made from a durable, no-fade fabric and are washable up to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control.

Women's Essential Trousers

These trousers are in a classic design. They feature sewn-in creases for a professional look and an elastic waistband to keep you comfortable on a long shift.


Maternity Trousers

Perfect for long shifts during pregnancy, these trousers come with a soft front panel and an adjustable waistband for extra comfort.


Men's Slim Leg Trousers

These trousers are in a classic style. They feature a zip-fly front, belt loops, two hip pockets and one back pocket for ease of wearing.

Women's Essential TrousersWomen's Essential Trousers
Women's Essential Trousers

How do you buy nurse tunics and trousers?

Alexandra is the UK’s #1 supplier of medical uniforms due to the trust people have in their high-quality products. An official supplier of NHS uniforms, they have even received a royal warrant to trade. They offer:

  • A two-year guarantee on all orders from the date of delivery.
  • Free next-day delivery on all orders over £60.
  • A team of fitters to ensure your clothing fits just right.

Check out Alexandra’s nurse tunics here or check out their trousers here.

An infographic guide to buying nurse tunics and trousersAn infographic guide to buying nurse tunics and trousers
Guide to buying nurse tunics and trousers