What’s the best healthcare tunic for your profession?

When it comes to knowing what tunic is the right one for your role, the choice can be overwhelming. Some tunics are best suited to those working in hospitals, dental practises or care homes, while others are designed for the beauty industry.

From contrast trim to asymmetrical buttoned, Alexandra has put together this guide to help you to work out which tunic is best for which role. However, you should always check with your healthcare uniform workplace guidelines before purchasing any new work clothing. 

The best nursing tunics

Women & Men's Classic Collar Tunic

Cut in a classic style, the women and men’s classic collar tunic is designed to give a professional look ideal for working in hospitals. Made from a hard-wearing and breathable cotton a polyester mix, this tunic is perfect for the intense and long hours expected of staff working in the healthcare industry

Key features:

  • Hip and chest pockets
  • Washable to 60ºC for infection prevention and control
  • Concealed open-ended zip front
  • Suitable for industrial laundering
  • Available as a white, blue or navy tunic.
Classic Collar Tunic by AlexandraClassic Collar Tunic by Alexandra
Classic Collar Tunic
Contrast Trim Tunic by AlexandraContrast Trim Tunic by Alexandra
Contrast Trim Tunic

Contrast Trim Tunic Top

Cut in a contemporary asymmetrical design. This tunic allows the wearer to be stylish while remaining professional. It features coloured bands on the collar, cuffs and trim, which can be used in hospitals to denote staff role. 

Key features:

  • Washable up to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control
  • Concealed stud fastening
  • Two hip pockets

Classic Collar Lightweight Tunic

When on long and often hectic hospital shifts, it’s essential to wear clothes that can keep you cool. This classically styled tunic consists of high quality, lightweight material without sacrificing durability. 

Key Features:

  • 145gsm polyester cotton mix.
  • Two chest pockets and two hip pockets
  • Industrially launderable up to 60ºC for infection control
Lightweight Tunic by AlexandraLightweight Tunic by Alexandra
Lightweight Tunic

The best dental tunics

Men's Epaulette Dental Tunic

Cut with mandarin collar and compatible with epaulettes, this tunic is designed for use in dental practices. It features a half-belt back for a professional look and is available in a variety of colours.

Key features:

  • Concealed stud asymmetrical fastening
  • One chest pocket & one hip pocket
  • Suitable for industrial laundering up to 60ºC for infection control
Men's Dental Tunic by AlexandraMen's Dental Tunic by Alexandra
Men's Dental Tunic
Women's Dental Tunic by AlexandraWomen's Dental Tunic by Alexandra
Women's Dental Tunic

Women's Dental Tunic

Our women’s dental tunic is cut in the conventional dental style. With a minimal trim and simple round collar, it’s ideal for use in any dental practice. 

Key features:

  • Asymmetrical front detail
  • Industrially launderable to 60ºC inline with infection prevention and control

The best beauty tunics

Women’s zip fastening tunic

A contemporarily-styled tunic with a distinctive mock fastening that gives a sleek and professional look. This tunic is perfect for beauticians looking to add some pizzazz to their uniform and is available in various colours to match your brand.

Key features:

  • Concealed open-ended zip fastening
  • Hip pockets
  • Two back vents for comfort
Women's Zip Fastening Tunic by AlexandraWomen's Zip Fastening Tunic by Alexandra
Women's Zip Fastening Tunic
Women's Asymmetrical Tunic by AlexandraWomen's Asymmetrical Tunic by Alexandra
Women's Asymmetrical Tunic

Asymmetrical Round Neck Tunic

A tunic designed for beauticians that want their uniform to look less medical. The asymmetrical round neck is contemporary and distinctive and available in a range of colour combinations so you can find the right style for your business.

Key features:

  • Concealed zip fastening
  • Double back shoulder pleats

Personalise Your Tunic

With Alexandra’s personalisation options, most of the tunics above are available with embroidery. That allows you to add your business’ logo, denote roles, add team members’ names to your uniform, or even add a custom design. 

For more information on custom embroidery options, check out our guide here.

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