Alexandra tunics for healthcare professionals
A range of practical and durable nursing tunics, ideal for the healthcare industry.

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  1. Women’s tunic
    Women's tunic HP298
    As low as £17.99 £14.99
    25 Colours available
  2. Women’s tunic
    Women's Tunic D313
    As low as £17.63 £14.69
    21 Colours available
  3. Women's trim tunic
    Women's Trim Tunic H212W
    Out of stock
  4. Men's tunic
    Men's Classic Tunic G103
    As low as £18.90 £15.75
    22 Colours available
  5. Maternity tunic
    Maternity tunic NF52
    As low as £23.94 £19.95
    8 Colours available
  6. Men’s mandarin collar epaulette tunic
    Men's Mandarin Collar Epaulette Tunic G91
    As low as £18.90 £15.75
    5 Colours available
  7. Women's classic lightweight tunic
    Women's classic lightweight tunic NF48
    As low as £20.15 £16.79
    13 Colours available
  8. Women's sleeveless tunic
    Women's sleeveless tunic NF65
    As low as £15.82 £13.18
    5 Colours available
  9. Men's lightweight tunic
    Men's lightweight tunic NM48
    As low as £10.08 £8.40
    13 Colours available
  10. Men's mandarin collar tunic
    Men's Mandarin Collar Tunic NM7
    As low as £26.46 £22.05
    8 Colours available
  11. Smart scrub tunic
    Smart scrub tunic UT404
    As low as £19.50 £16.25
    15 Colours available
  12. Women’s concealed button tunic
    Women's Concealed Button Tunic 2251
    As low as £26.46 £22.05
    4 Colours available
  13. NF172
    Women's button front tunic NF172
    As low as £14.50 £12.08
    2 Colours available
  14. Women's tunic
    Women's tunic HP369W
    As low as £0.00 £0.00
    1 Colours available
  15. NF959
    Women's shoulder button tunic NF959
    As low as £15.56 £12.97
    4 Colours available
  16. Women's dental tunic
    Women's dental tunic NF21
    As low as £26.46 £22.05
    4 Colours available
  17. Womens contrast trim stud tunic
    Womens Contrast Trim Stud Tunic HE16
    As low as £13.86 £11.55
    3 Colours available
  18. Women's mandarin collar tunic
    Women's mandarin collar tunic NF20
    As low as £27.60 £23.00
    8 Colours available
  19. Women's contrast trim tunic
    Women's contrast trim tunic NF54
    As low as £22.67 £18.89
    10 Colours available
  20. Men's dental tunic
    Men's Dental Tunic G86
    As low as £20.15 £16.79
    7 Colours available
  21. Men’s epaulette tunic
    Men's epaulette tunic H572
    As low as £30.23 £25.19
    1 Colours available
  22. Women’s mock fastening tunic
    Women’s mock fastening tunic NF969
    As low as £24.60 £20.50
    5 Colours available
  23. NF59
    Women's asymmetrical zip tunic NF59
    As low as £21.00 £17.50
    14 Colours available
  24. Women's easycare wrap button beauty tunic
    Women's asymmetrical button tunic NF990
    As low as £20.40 £17.00
    13 Colours available
  25. Men's contrast trim tunic
    Men's Contrast Trim Tunic NM54
    As low as £26.46 £22.05
    4 Colours available
  26. NF190
    Women's epaulette tunic NF190
    As low as £26.46 £22.05
    1 Colours available

26 Products

per page
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Browse our wide range of approved healthcare tunics for a style to suit any nurse uniform. 

Our classic Men’s and Women’s tunics come in 25 base colour options with nine trim colour options and are ideal for use in denoting roles. They’re designed to keep the wearer cool and comfortable on shift with double action back and vents for ease of movement.

Women might like our Lightweight Stripe Tunic, which is available in four colours and offers a smart look suitable for all healthcare uniforms. 

Those who work long and busy shifts might prefer to opt for our Lightweight Tunics, available in both Men’s and Women’s styles and sizes. Made from a 145gsm blend of 65 polyester/35 cotton, these Tunics offer the wearer the durability of polyester with the breathability of cotton. 

Dental practitioners could try our Mandarin Collar Epaulette Tunic comes in five colour options and features a concealed stud asymmetrical fastening. With one chest pocket and one hip pocket, it’s ideal for dental professionals to store often-used equipment to hand.

Most of our work tunics are available with personalisation details such as embroidery. To make identification easier, many healthcare customers choose to add custom designs such as staff names or roles and hospital logos. Once ordering bespoke items, customers should expect their items in within 1-2 working days ready for delivery. 

We offer standard delivery on available items within 1-2 working days, next working day delivery by 1pm, next working day delivery by 10:30am and Saturday delivery by 6:00pm, provided you order within the times laid out on our delivery information page

It’s easy to make a return, so long as your products meet the delivery returns policy as laid out on our Returns and Refunds page

All prices are available to be viewed to include or exclude VAT; just toggle the setting at the top of any page.