Icona women's waistcoat

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Product details

  • 2 mock hip pockets
  • Double lined Back
  • Back fastening
  • Fully lined
  • 200gsm 77% polyester/21% viscose/2% elastane
  • Up to 40 degree wash
  • Teflon coated fabric for stain resistance
  • Sizes: 6 - 26
  • Back length: 51 - 60cm (increases over size)

Product description

Use our Icona women’s waistcoat to add a touch of class and formality to your company outfits and uniforms. This women’s waistcoat adds the perfect final touch to a front-of-house hospitality uniform or business wear with its stylish, sophisticated clean-cut design. 

Choose from a range of four classic colours, from black through to grey and navy, to easily match the style of your uniform or suit. You can even add personalisation through our embroidery services, such as your name or company logo. 

Are you looking for a different design? Click to view our full range of ladies' waistcoats UK styles.

How to get the correct waistcoat fit

Getting the right fit for your workwear waistcoat is essential to remain comfortable and confident in your appearance while at work.

The waistcoat should fit snugly around your torso and shoulders to leave no excess material that looks baggy. However, it shouldn’t be so tight as to tug at the back around the buttons. 

Further tips for getting the right size include:

  • If you see wrinkles on the back or sides, choose the next size up because these indicate your waistcoat is too small.
  • The garment should be long enough to cover your trouser waistline without exposing your shirt's bottom button.
  • You should look for large armholes that allow space around your entire arm so that you can move freely without the material restricting you.

For further sizing information, visit our size guides page, where you’ll be able to find the proper fit for your work waistcoat by using our online sizing systems. 

Waistcoats women can wear in the office

Wearing a waistcoat in an office setting can create a professional but striking appearance that sets you apart from your colleagues. 

This can be particularly useful when interviewing for roles in the business sector, because the waistcoat helps to keep you memorable.

Throughout the seasons

In the summer, lighter waistcoats made from polyester and viscose mixes – like this Icona waistcoat – can be worn without a jacket and still look great. Alternatively, you can combine them with a long-sleeve single-cuff shirt and chinos or trousers for a professional look.

During the winter, layering a waistcoat into your look is a great way to stay warm. Then, when you remove your overcoat, your waistcoat will help transform a plain shirt and make you look sharp.

The best waistcoat for a black suit

You’ll most often wear a black suit during formal professional settings in moments where getting colour coordination correct is crucial.

Pair a black suit with our black or grey Icona waistcoat to avoid colour clashes. If you’re not wearing a jacket, then choose the grey waistcoat because this works on its own with black trousers.

The best waistcoat for a grey suit

You may opt for grey as your everyday business suit, which is excellent for experimenting with waistcoat colours.

Use our navy Cadenza waistcoat to add a touch of colour to a grey suit and sophistication to your uniform.

Personalisation details

For more information on personalisation services contact us on 0333 600 1111

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