Hospitality Waistcoats for Bar and Restaurant Staff

Explore Alexandra Workwear’s range of stylish hospitality waistcoats for a polished and confident appearance. Our waistcoat collection ensures you exude professionalism while welcoming guests, be it at a bistro, bar, or hotel restaurant.

Crafted for style and durability, our waistcoats guarantee comfort even during long, busy shifts. Whether you prefer a classic gilt button or a striking striped design to make a statement, we have options to match your requirements.

Shop our waiter and waitress waistcoats below to find the perfect fit for your role. Then, choose a shirt or blouse and a pair of formal trousers to complete your look.


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  1. Men's Slim Fit Waistcoat Men's Slim Fit Waistcoat
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  2. Cadenza Womens Waistcoat Cadenza Womens Waistcoat
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  3. Cadenza Men's Waistcoat Cadenza Men's Waistcoat
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  4. Icona Womens Waistcoat Icona Womens Waistcoat
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  5. Icona's Mens Waistcoat Icona's Mens Waistcoat
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  6. Women's Slim Fit Waistcoat Women's Slim Fit Waistcoat
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6 Products

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Hospitality Waistcoats for Bar and Restaurant Staff

Bar and restaurant uniform choices have a huge impact on the way customers perceive a hospitality business. That’s why our hospitality waistcoats are designed to ensure you leave a lasting positive impression from the moment you greet your guests.

We supply waitress and waiter waistcoats from leading brands including Cazenda, as well as our own high-quality Alexandra Workwear collection. So, if you’re looking for a waistcoat to suit your company’s specific requirements, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s more, our range includes waistcoats crafted from recycled materials with style and sustainability in mind.

At Alexandra, we understand that everyone’s unique. As such, we stock hospitality waistcoats to suit all sizes and styles. Our waistcoats come in diverse colours, allowing you to align with your company's identity and complement your front-of-house team effortlessly. 

Plus, you have the freedom to select from a range of sizes that best fit your body type and desired aesthetic. Opt for a slim-fit waistcoat in your usual size for a classic appearance. Or size up for a stylish, contemporary addition to your capsule work wardrobe. 

Our inclusive range includes products like the Cazenda Waistcoat, designed for both men and women. And why limit yourself to black? Explore charcoal and navy waistcoat options to add versatility to your attire.

You also have the option to personalise your waistcoats to create a professional image and highlight your role to guests.

Diverse Range of Hospitality Waistcoats Perfect for Front-of-House Roles

Our waistcoats are essential for maintaining a professional and functional appearance for various hospitality roles, including:

  • Waiting staff: As a waiter or waitress, you need a waistcoat that combines style with practicality. Our waistcoats feature pockets for carrying order pads, pens, and other essentials. Made from quality fabrics, our waiter and waitress waistcoats are both durable and comfortable. So, you can move seamlessly through your shift while maintaining a polished look.
  • Hotel Concierge: First impressions are everything for hotel concierge staff. Our hospitality waistcoats are designed to exude elegance and sophistication while providing ample storage space for keys, phones, and other necessary items. With attention to detail in every stitch, our waistcoats elevate your professional appearance and enhance the guest experience.
  • Event Caterer: Whether you're catering a wedding or a corporate event, our waistcoats offer versatility and functionality. Made using quality fabrics, hospitality waistcoats provide comfort during long hours of service. Additionally, each garment is available in a range of colours and styles to complement any event theme or uniform requirement.

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