Claim back Tax on your workwear

Did you know that you can claim up to £185 against the costs of cleaning and maintaining your workwear?

The HMRC generously allows you to claim back tax against the cost of cleaning and maintaining recognised workwear - such as nursing uniforms, branded corporate-wear and many types of manufacturing, food preparation, and emergency and construction workers. We’ve produced a simple guide so you can check your eligibility and claim back up to FOUR years worth of tax relief. Check the information below or download our guide TODAY.

What is classed as a uniform?

Any specialist garment that has to be worn for work for a role that appears on the HMRC List (see our Guide) or has clearly visible company branding - such as a logo or brandname. The branding must be permanent, produced by embroidery, print or sewn-in labels.

What can't you claim for?

  • The initial purchase of the workwear - the allowance is for the cleaning and maintenance of the workwear.
  • If your employer already supplies you with an allowance to wash your workwear or on-site laundry facilities.
  • If your workwear is not officially recognised as a uniform under the HMRC rules - check out our guide below:

3 Steps to claim back tax

  1. Check your eligibility on our handy, downloadable guide or on the website.
  2. Fill out a P87 claim form here or phone the HMRC helpline on 0300 200 3300.
  3. Wait for HMRC confirmation of how and when you will receive your tax rebate.

Download our guide to claim back Tax on your workwear, or go to


NOTE: All advice contained in this guide is given in good faith from latest available information. If you require further detailed clarification of the deductions that you may be able to claim for, please seek expert direction from your accountant or the HMRC.

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