Proud to support the next generation of medical professionals – Introducing Lucy (1/3)

 Alexandra have supported many doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals within our time, many who have continued to buy their uniform with us throughout their medical career. But for us at Alexandra, it’s not just about providing uniform to those working in this extraordinary, selfless, humble and hard-working profession, it’s the real-life stories we hear from those we’ve helped across the years and in many cases generations of family members, we love to hear your personal journeys and to play just a small part in YOUR story. 

Last year we were contacted by Lucy, a medical student based locally, who is currently training to be a doctor and was in her 3rd year of study. Lucy asked if we could help, in just a small way to support her and an underprivileged local hospital abroad. There was just something that spoke to us in Lucy’s email that made us want to help in any way we could. So, let’s give you a bit of background and introduce you to Lucy…

Lucy’s Medical journey began in 2020 where she began her dream of becoming a doctor, ‘I am so grateful for being at medical school and the experiences it has provided me with...’ Lucy comments, but as we’re sure many of you can relate to, Lucy found that medical school was filled with “such amazing, talented people”, but the downside to that is how that can then lead to students feeling, and going through the dreaded imposter syndrome – something which can keep you awake at night, and even questioning your worthiness as a future doctor, However, for Lucy, this lit a fire within her and gave her a desire to want to expand her horizons, push the boundaries and widen her skills and life experiences, 

 “I had never left the country alone and yet, found myself fascinated by the prospect of solo-travel. Seeing the personal growth in my peers who have taken the opportunity to do this has been wonderful and has only motivated me more to go out and experience this for myself. I am ignited by the thought of developing my independence, becoming more adaptable to my surroundings, and recognising the true beauty of the life I have been given.” Commented Lucy, However, there was one difficult and important hurdle in which she needed to overcome… financing her next adventure. 

As many medical students will know, only too well, the final years of a medical degree, aren't funded by the Government's Student Finance scheme, meaning that any spare time during summer breaks, Lucy spent working, to save hard and support her way through medical training. Due to the demands of university life, Lucy wasn’t able to work during term time, with many days being long (some up to 12hrs on campus). So, she had to think differently, so Lucy focused on working hard across her summer breaks, whether this was working as a carer for the elderly or as an activity leader for an activity Camp, teaching children new and exciting life skills.

Lucy said, “I have always been passionate about using my time in a way that benefits those in need and could only see this solo-travel experience as another opportunity to do just that! As I approached my final full-length summer holiday (before beginning 3 years of placement in UK hospitals), I decided it was now or never and so, I began my application to volunteer in a country in need.”. 

And just like that, she did. Lucy did her research and applied to the Mighty Roar Volunteering company, a project that arranges accommodations and medical placements for students…. 

Stay tuned for the next instalment of Lucy’s journey and find out where she chose as her destination for her exciting adventure.

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