Shop our high quality and durable waistcoasts. Choose from mens, womens, high vis and formal.

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  1. Men's Slim Fit Waistcoat Men's Slim Fit Waistcoat
    From £35.99 £29.99
    Code: MZ7
  2. Cadenza Men's Waistcoat Cadenza Men's Waistcoat
    From £55.00 £45.83
    Code: NM702
  3. Cadenza Womens Waistcoat Cadenza Womens Waistcoat
    From £55.99 £46.66
    Code: NF702
  4. Icona's Mens Waistcoat Icona's Mens Waistcoat
    From £34.99 £29.16
    Code: IC15
  5. Icona Womens Waistcoat Icona Womens Waistcoat
    From £35.99 £29.99
    Code: IC3
  6. Women's Slim Fit Waistcoat Women's Slim Fit Waistcoat
    From £35.99 £29.99
    Code: MZ2
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6 Products

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Add an element of additional formality to your workwear with a waistcoat.

These smart waistcoats have been designed to suit any working professional who needs a smart office look.

We have a waistcoat that will complement your businesswear. Our collection of professional clothing ranges from smart casual office workwear to much more formal options, such as three piece suits. Our suit collections will show you all of the garments in one place, and you can build a bespoke look from head to toe. 

We’ve designed our smart workwear to be elegant, professional and on trend, whilst remaining durable, practical and comfortable. Try a classic cut men’s waistcoat, or striped women’s waistcoat, and pair with our smart jackets and trousers. You can look the part by pairing one of our waistcoats with the rest of our businesswear collection: from formal shoes, to formal trousers, shirts and blouses, you can be catered for head-to-toe!

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