Shop our PPE equipment such as face masks, helmets, visors, disposable gloves and other items to help you remain safe whilst at work. 


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Alexandra’s range of PPE includes safety masks, designed to protect the user from bacteria and dust. Designed to aid the defence of infection and offer a layer of protection for the wearer. 


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Hi Vis

With a wide range of hi vis workwear compliant to PPE standards that suits a variety of industries, our hi vis jackets, hi vis trousers and hi vis coats will reduce your risk of injury or accident whilst at work. 

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Safety gloves designed to be protective, whilst ensuring you remain dexterous in order to do your job safety and effectively.

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PPE footwear to protect the wearer as part of our range to keep you safe from head to toe!

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Coveralls provide maximum comfort and are a practical solution for complete protection in one.

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Alexandra stocks a range of PPE for enhanced safety within the workplace. We have PPE equipment in the form of face masks, aprons, visors, disposable gloves and other items to help you feel safer whilst at work. Read the official goverment guidance of the recommended PPE you should be using.

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