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  1. Cadenza women's short sleeve dress Cadenza women's short sleeve dress
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  2. Icona Gathered Neck Dress Icona Gathered Neck Dress
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  3. Icona Jersey Dress Icona Jersey Dress
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Alexandra’s businesswear women’s dresses provide the perfect staple for any working professional.

Whether you are looking for casual work dresses, pencil skirts, higher-end work dresses, knee-length options or those for a maternity fit, we have a wide range of office dresses UK workers can find to suit their style.

What are the stylish professional dresses for working women?

Every business has unique expectations of their staff uniforms, from very formal like those found in solicitors offices and banks to casual like those in creative agencies. Below are the best types of work dresses for every situation.

What is considered a business formal dress?

The highest degree of business, where the strictest formality is required. This formal attire is expected in court and at high-level business meetings. It is often referred to as "boardroom clothing," The deeper the colour, the more formal.

The Cadenza Women's Short Sleeve Dress is an excellent option. This dress, which is part of our elegant and stylish suiting collection, has the look and feel of a designer garment but the practicality and comfort of workwear. This dress, which has a rich jacquard lining, is great for high-flying business meetings when every small detail can make a significant impact in how you're seen.

What does smart business attire consist of?

Consider this to be normal business dress. This clothing style is still tidy and modest, but it allows for additional colour and pattern alternatives. You should maintain a professional demeanour while allowing your uniqueness to shine through with your accessory and outfit colour selections.

Our Icona Jersey Dress is the perfect choice for the business professional style. It retains a classic and subdued cut with a flattering waist gather. This dress is the epitome of comfort and elegance combined.

How do you dress for business casual in London and the UK?

The most popular workplace dress code. Business casual dress allows you to be relaxed and express yourself via your clothing while remaining professional. There are many more colour alternatives but always check with HR to verify your selection does not violate their policies.,

Those looking for a more casual work dress will appreciate the flattering neckline of the Icona gathered neck dress. The gathered neck shift dress adds a feminine touch to any casual-feel uniform, while its Teflon coated polyester/viscose stretch fabric and bias-cut lining make it elegant yet practical.

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