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Welcome to Alexandra, your go-to destination for high-quality paramedic uniforms that blend performance, comfort, and style. Dive into our Paramedic Uniform collection, meticulously designed to meet the unique demands of your profession.

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  1. 3-in-1 Waterproof Parka 3-in-1 Waterproof Parka
    From £97.99 £81.66
    Code: NU563
  2. Unisex Hi-Vis Ambulance Jacket Unisex Hi-Vis Ambulance Jacket
    From £157.00 £130.83
    Code: NU95
  3. Hi-Vis Jacket Hi-Vis Jacket
    From £46.99 £39.16
    Code: SW24
  4. Hi-Vis Waistcoat Hi-Vis Waistcoat
    From £2.40 £2.00
    Code: SW22
  5. Hi-Vis Over Trousers Hi-Vis Over Trousers
    From £25.99 £21.66
    Code: SW30
  6. Women's Softshell Jacket Women's Softshell Jacket
    From £43.99 £36.66
    Code: NF1
  7. Women's softshell jacket Women's softshell jacket
    From £43.99 £36.66
    Code: NF1A
  8. Men's Softshell Jacket Men's Softshell Jacket
    From £44.99 £37.49
    Code: NM1
  9. Mens Softshell Jacket Mens Softshell Jacket
    From £44.99 £37.49
    Code: NM1A
  10. Ambulance Fleece Ambulance Fleece
    From £46.99 £39.16
    Code: NU96
  11. Women's Fleece Jacket Women's Fleece Jacket
    From £23.99 £19.99
    Code: NF19
  12. Unisex Fleece Jacket Unisex Fleece Jacket
    From £23.99 £19.99
    Code: NG19
  13. Mens Ambulance Shirt Mens Ambulance Shirt
    From £37.00 £30.83
    Code: HP100
  14. Womens ambulance shirt Womens ambulance shirt
    From £34.99 £29.16
    Code: HP102
  15. Unisex Poloshirt Unisex Poloshirt
    From £11.04 £9.20
    Code: PU231
  16. Women's Polo Shirt Women's Polo Shirt
    From £13.00 £10.83
    Code: PW231
  17. Women's Ambulance Combat Trousers Women's Ambulance Combat Trousers
    From £43.00 £35.83
    Code: NF100
  18. Men's Ambulance Combat Trousers Men's Ambulance Combat Trousers
    From £72.00 £60.00
    Code: NM100
  19. Paramedic Epaulette Sliders Paramedic Epaulette Sliders
    From £15.59 £12.99
    Code: NU76
  20. Ambulance Epaulette Sliders Ambulance Epaulette Sliders
    From £15.59 £12.99
    Code: NU73
  21. Student Paramedic Epaulette Sliders Student Paramedic Epaulette Sliders
    From £15.59 £12.99
    Code: NU89
  22. Utility Belt Utility Belt
    From £18.30 £15.25
    Code: LAA2
  23. Beanie Hat Beanie Hat
    From £4.00 £3.33
    Code: W378
  24. Ambulance Pacific Helmet Ambulance Pacific Helmet
    From £498.00 £415.00
    Code: 2797
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From ambulance trousers to a paramedic jacket to a carry kit bag and  paramedic epaulette sliders, we have a wide range of equipment and clothing for your ambulance uniform and paramedic workwear.


We provide specific paramedic uniforms for healthcare professionals looking for an NHS paramedic uniform or a private sector paramedic uniform. Our specialised ambulance uniform is designed to ensure any healthcare professional working as a paramedic or ambulance driver or ambulance technician is fully equipped.

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