Alexandra praised by universities for helping 12,500 healthcare students find the ‘perfect fit’

25 August 2020

Bristol-based workwear company, Alexandra, has gone ‘virtual’ to make the first uniform dreams of 12,500 healthcare students a reality.

The company would normally be preparing to take its Student Garments Sizing team on the road during September to physically measure and size thousands of students starting 20 different university courses including; nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, mental health, occupational therapy and paramedics.

The Covid-19 crisis has forced the cancellation of these sizing events. So, the Alexandra team has adapted its student fitting service in partnership with university course leaders.

They have developed bespoke online forms for each student to complete, which have been tailored to their individual university and course as each healthcare speciality has its own garment range.

Two ‘how to size yourself’ videos for males and females and one ‘well-fitting vs ill-fitting garments’ video have been produced which will be sent to every first-year student at 29 participating universities.

These bring more than 160 years of Alexandra expertise and experience together to offer clear and detailed advice on how and where students should measure themselves to get the perfect first uniform fit.

The company has developed a written sizing and garment care guide to accompany the videos, as well as arranging live, virtual Q&A sessions with students. The team has also developed a series of FAQ’s that have been created specifically for 2020.

Sarah Shanks, Head of Customer Operations at Alexandra Workwear, said: “Getting fitted for your very first uniform is an emotional experience and for many, a lifetime goal becoming a reality. At Alexandra we appreciate the importance of this moment and how the uniform needs to fit perfectly to ensure each and every student feels comfortable in doing their job.

“Although we cannot physically be there this year because of Coronavirus, we will be there virtually, holding their hands through this time to ensure the experience is positive and the uniform provided fits as well as if we were there sizing them ourselves.

“We have fitted generations of nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals and although this year has been a real challenge, we are really proud to have been able to support the next generation in this special way.”

Universities have praised Alexandra’s response to the challenge of sizing and fitting students in a Covid-secure way. George Worby, Senior Placements Administrator at the University of Hertfordshire, said: “Alexandra’s answer to the challenges associated with not being able to attend face-to-face sizing sessions have been creative and a huge reassurance.

“We were concerned about how things were going to work this year, but Alexandra have been great from the start.

“We believe the online form, along with the support given to students to help find the right size, will provide a positive student experience. Students are also able to give their chosen delivery address for the first time, meaning they will receive their uniform without even having to leave the house!

“Uniform is such a big part of the placement experience and it’s great to know that our students won’t be missing out this year. We’re excited to see how things go and looking forward to working with Alexandra now and in the future.”

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