Alexandra has a wide range of healthcare uniforms

A proud supplier to the NHS, we provide healthcare uniforms for a variety of healthcare professionals.


Healthcare Best Sellers


Offering comfortable scrub tops, scrub suits, tunics and coordinated trousers, our medical workwear is industry-approved and anti-microbial.

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Boyd Cooper 

Create a bespoke uniform with our Made-To-Order range, where you can create and design a medical uniform exclusive to your organisation.

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Lab Coats

Medical coats and lab coats for doctors, research technicians and other healthcare professionals.  

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Practical, smart and professional tunics, ideal for the healthcare industry.

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Nurses and Midwives can choose from a range of our healthcare dresses

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Paramedic Uniform

Paramedic uniform including everything from hi-vis jackets to epaulettes!

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We provide attire for all healthcare professionals. This includes staff nurse uniform, clinical nurse uniforms, support worker uniform and other nurse practitioner uniforms. There is a wide range of colours and styles to suit your Trust or medical facility.  Supplying high quality healthcare uniforms, we are a proud provider to healthcare and medical professionals nationwide.