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The Ultimate Scrubs Buying Guide

Everybody has an opinion on the most important decision-making factor when purchasing scrubs. Whether your main priority is comfort, practicality, fit or personalisation, the Alexandra Scrubs range has all bases covered.

It’s essential to check the uniform rules in your department prior to making your scrubs purchase. Many departments will require a specific colour or trim in order to easily identify their staff. 

It's also important to check if the hierarchy of staff will dictate your style of scrub. For instance, junior nurses often wear a different style to the more senior staff. Our best-selling medical scrubs are available in a wide range of colours, trims, and sizes. We want to ensure that you are meeting both yours and your department’s needs.

Why Do Healthcare Workers Wear Scrubs?

Scrubs need to be comfortable, practical and durable, allowing medical professionals to move freely and perform their duties during long working hours. 

  • The Alexandra Women’s Lightweight Scrub Tunic has short sleeves and double-sided vents for ease of movement and plenty of ventilation. The simple design makes changing in and out of this scrub top quick and hassle-free. Choose from 20 different colourways with matching Lightweight Scrub Trousers. This set is available in a durable blend of cotton and polyester.
  • It is essential for healthcare workers to be easily identifiable. If there is an emergency, the public will easily be able to find assistance because of the medical uniforms. The Alexandra personalisation service is available on a number of our scrubs. However, it is vital to ensure that any logo conforms with your departmental and workplace requirements.
  • Many healthcare professionals specifically source scrubs in materials that are easy to care for and maintain. The Women’s Contrast Trim Scrub Tunic is made from a durable blend of polyester and cotton fabric. It can withstand industry laundering and infection-controlled temperatures, crucial for maintaining a hygienic environment in healthcare settings.

Buying Scrubs – the Alexandra Checklist

What is the best material for scrubs?

Ensure that your scrubs are lightweight, and made from materials that will allow you to maintain your comfort all day and night. Our range of scrubs are a cotton/polyester blend to keep you fresh and cool throughout long shifts.

Choosing colour of scrubs

Within the regulations of your department dress code, rotate your scrub styles to keep you feeling fresh. Alexandra scrubs are available in a range of colours with contrasting trims and cuts. This means it’s easy to create your own personal sense of style when wearing your scrubs, while also benefiting from their practical nature. 

Make the practical choice for scrubs

Ensure your scrubs are practical and meet your daily needs with pockets to accommodate your necessary healthcare accessories. A number of our scrubs feature two functional pockets with plenty of space to safely store pens, key cards, gloves – and an emergency chocolate bar or two!

Selecting the right fit in scrub suits

Select the right fit to ensure that you have freedom of movement during your working hours. It’s important to know how to choose scrub size to avoid discomfort. Fortunately, Alexandra scrubs are available in men’s, women’s and unisex options ranging in sizes to suit every need.

Personalise your scrubs

Add personalised embroidery for a unique touch. Our personalisation service is designed to meet all your needs for bespoke branded workwear. All text is fully customisable and with a range of fonts and colours to choose from.

Our healthcare range features a wide selection of items to cover your individual and business needs, from Medical Scrub Uniforms to accessories and PPE. Browse our full range of high-quality healthcare scrubs to find the perfect solution for you.

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