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With over a hundred years of producing high-quality healthcare uniforms, Alexandra is the perfect place to shop for your medical scrub. We offer these sterile medical uniforms in various styles and colours so you can stand out in the healthcare scene.

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  1. Women’s Lightweight Scrub Tunic Women’s Lightweight Scrub Tunic
    From £13.99 £11.66
    Code: NF26
  2. Unisex Lightweight Scrub Trousers Unisex Lightweight Scrub Trousers
    From £16.00 £13.33
    Code: D398
  3. Unisex Lightweight Scrub Tunic Unisex Lightweight Scrub Tunic
    From £13.99 £11.66
    Code: D397
  4. Women's Contrast Trim Scrub Tunic Women's Contrast Trim Scrub Tunic
    From £17.99 £14.99
    Code: HP21
  5. Unisex Smart Scrub Tunic Unisex Smart Scrub Tunic
    From £25.00 £20.83
    Code: UT404
  6. Unisex Smart Scrub Trousers Unisex Smart Scrub Trousers
    From £25.00 £20.83
    Code: UB453
  7. Tencel Eco Scrub Trouser (fitted) Tencel Eco Scrub Trouser (fitted)
    From £28.80 £24.00
    Code: SC112
  8. Women's Stretch Scrub Top Women's Stretch Scrub Top
    From £25.99 £21.66
    Code: NF43A
  9. Unisex Contrast Trim Scrub Tunic Unisex Contrast Trim Scrub Tunic
    From £19.00 £15.83
    Code: HP20
  10. Tencel Eco Scrub Trouser (non-fitted) Tencel Eco Scrub Trouser (non-fitted)
    From £28.80 £24.00
    Code: SC111
  11. Men's Stretch Scrub Top Men's Stretch Scrub Top
    From £37.00 £30.83
    Code: NM43
  12. Tencel Eco Scrub Top (non-fitted) Tencel Eco Scrub Top (non-fitted)
    From £28.80 £24.00
    Code: SC110
  13. Smart Scrub Cargo Trousers Smart Scrub Cargo Trousers
    From £28.99 £24.16
    Code: UB506300
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13 Products

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Our high-quality medical scrubs come in a range of styles and colours and make a sterile healthcare uniform. Our range includes unisex scrubs, lightweight and contrasting trims, stretch scrubs tops and smart scrub cargo trousers. Offering comfortable scrub tops, scrub suits, tunics and coordinated trousers, our medical workwear is industry-approved and anti-microbial.

Our scrubs provide added protection as hospital scrubs, veterinary, surgical, dental or doctor scrubs to keep clinicians and patients safe.

What are scrubs?

Scrubs were originally only used by NHS Trusts and private hospitals. Since Covid-19, all healthcare industry workers are being asked to wear them. Worn in medical settings and now the wider healthcare sector, scrubs are a kind of clothing designed to help prevent the spread of infection. They do this by forming a barrier between the wearer and infectious substances to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

Scrubs are loose-fitting and don’t restrict movement, so they’re designed to be easy to wear by all kinds of clinicians. They are also washable at high temperatures to keep them clean from any bacteria or viruses that may be present on them after a shift.

What is a scrubs uniform?

A scrubs uniform consists of a separate tunic and scrub trousers that can be mixed and matched, and perfect for any healthcare situation. Scrubs uniforms are suitable when you need to be in one colour from head-to-toe or in places where you’re needing to differentiate between the top and trousers.

What are scrub uniforms made from?

Alexandra’s scrubs are made from polycotton, a 65% polyester to 35% cotton material. The mix of man-made and natural fibres maintains the benefits of both and makes for a very strong, comfortable and safe scrubs material:

- Strong: in polycotton, the plastic polyester serves to strengthen the natural wool to form a much more durable material without sacrificing comfort.

- Comfortable: polyester is strong but it isn’t a very breathable material. Cotton is weaker but allows for a better transfer of heat. By combining the two, you get the perfect material for scrubs.

- Washable to 60ºC: polycotton can withstand high enough temperatures to make sure the risk of infection and contamination is eliminated through the washing process.
Can I personalise my scrubs?

Most of our medical scrubs are available with personalisation details such as embroidery. To make identification easier, many healthcare customers choose to add custom designs such as staff names or roles and hospital logos. 

What’s your shipping time?

We offer standard delivery on available items within 1-2 working days, and free delivery on orders over £85 (ex VAT). All information can be found on our delivery page

What’s your return policy?

It’s easy to make a return, so long as your products meet the delivery returns policy as laid out on our Returns and Refunds page. All prices are available to be viewed to include or exclude VAT; just toggle the setting at the top of any page.

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