The top healthcare workwear trends for 2021

With the Coronavirus pandemic putting a considerable strain on the healthcare sector, the professionals working long hours to keep us all safe are looking for comfortable, easy-to-maintain uniforms. These shifting needs have had a profound impact on the healthcare clothing trends for 2021.

As recently stated by our Lead Designer, Nicole Lewis, “Alexandra is constantly updating our healthcare clothing to respond to the latest trends and what the people on the front line tell us they need.” So if you’re responsible for procuring uniforms and want to know what the latest healthcare clothing styles are, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top healthcare uniform trends for this year:

Nurse wearing a tunicNurse wearing a tunic
Nurse wearing a tunic

1. Environmentally friendly clothing brands

As part of the NHS’ response to the climate crisis, in 2020, the healthcare service launched the Greener NHS Scheme. This scheme aims to cut the service’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2040.

One way they’re tackling carbon emissions is by using sustainable workwear, making this a top trend within healthcare clothing for 2021. Working in partnership with Alexandra, the NHS created a reusable theatre scrub cap to cut down on single-use clothing.

Alexandra's Made to Order rangeAlexandra's Made to Order range
Alexandra's Made to Order range

2. Slow Fashion

The NHS, private hospitals and care homes are looking to become greener by investing in uniforms made from durable, non-fade fabric that stays looking professional for years. 

Many items in Alexandra’s Made to Order range of tunics and trousers are available in the 100% sustainably sourced TENCEL fabric. This is a new type of fabric made from recycled materials and eucalyptus wood pulp; it’s durable and designed to withstand the harsh industrial laundering process.

Furthermore, every item in Alexandra’s Made to Order range, and our broader collection, comes with a two-year guarantee from the date of delivery. Hence, when you buy clothing from Alexandra workwear, you know it’s designed to last.

3. Bespoke uniforms

The necessary use of head-to-toe PPE due to COVID-19 within the healthcare sector has left many clinicians feeling like their care has lost a personal touch. One of the ways they’re getting around this in 2021 is by showing personality through bespoke uniforms.

Our Boyd Cooper range of healthcare clothing allows procurement staff to easily design staff uniforms. Different colours and styles allow teams to denote roles and even embroider the names and roles of staff onto their clothing. This helps to put patient’s minds at ease - making staff easily identifiable - when face masks partially obscure faces.

4. PPE

No healthcare trends piece for 2021 would be complete without PPE. Whether you’re a clinical or non-clinical staff member, you’ll most likely have to wear it if you work in a patient-facing role.

Here at Alexandra, we stock a wide range of personal protective equipment designed to keep you safe. From neoprene face masks to alcohol-based hand sanitiser and even T-shirts with social distancing reminders, we stock the items you need to keep yourself, your team and your patients safe.

Disposable CoverallDisposable Coverall
Disposable Coverall

5. Athleticism

The coronavirus pandemic has left many healthcare workers working longer shifts more frequently than ever before. As a result of this, many are looking for more comfortable uniforms to make those shifts easier.

Many healthcare professionals have switched to wearing scrubs from tunic and trouser separates to keep themselves more comfortable. Medical scrubs tend to be looser fitting to allow for more effortless movement, and the availability of lightweight options to keep the wearer cool makes them ideal for long shifts.

6. Wider choice of healthcare tunics

Perhaps the most significant healthcare clothing trend for 2021 is the rise in available tunic styles for professionals. For a similar reason as to why bespoke uniforms have increased in popularity, choosing the style of tunic they can wear gives healthcare workers a way to show personality.

Some of the top tunic styles for 2021 include the Revere Collar, Mandarin Collar and Contrast Trim tunics. The latter, with a range of colour options, can denote roles. All of these styles are available from Alexandra in both men’s and women’s sizes.

7. Designer glasses

Healthcare professionals don’t often get to have much control over the clothing they wear on shift. Every hospital has strict uniform rules, often even down to the style and colour. 

Wearing designer glasses is one way clinicians can add a bit of personal flair to the uniforms. Experiment with thicker frames or no-rim glasses to see which design best suits you. However, staff should always consult their workplace’s uniform guidelines before making a purchase.

How to buy new healthcare clothing from Alexandra

Now you know the top healthcare clothing trends making waves in the workwear fashion industry for 2021, it’s time to purchase your uniform.

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