Healthcare Tunics For Medical Workers

Browse our wide range of medical tunics tailored to accommodate diverse roles and professions within the healthcare sector.

Our durable healthcare tunics are all designed to offer comfort and style. Whether you're seeking a classic fit or a more contemporary style, our tunics come in a range of sizes and colours. At Alexandra Workwear, there's an option for everyone!

Look professional and feel confident in all of the high-quality healthcare uniforms we have available, including dresses, scrubs and trousers

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  1. Mens Lightweight Tunic Mens Lightweight Tunic
    From £20.99 £17.49
    Code: NM48AQ
  2. Breathable Asymmetric Tunic Breathable Asymmetric Tunic
    From £36.00 £30.00
    Code: TU103
  3. Tencel Eco V-Neck Tunic (fitted) Tencel Eco V-Neck Tunic (fitted)
    From £36.00 £30.00
    Code: TU102
  4. Tencel Eco V-Neck Tunic (non-fitted) Tencel Eco V-Neck Tunic (non-fitted)
    From £38.40 £32.00
    Code: TU101
  5. Womens Classic Collar Tunic Womens Classic Collar Tunic
    From £23.99 £19.99
    Code: HP298
  6. Women's Classic Lightweight Tunic Women's Classic Lightweight Tunic
    From £20.99 £17.49
    Code: NF48
  7. Mens Classic Tunic Mens Classic Tunic
    From £25.00 £20.83
    Code: G103
  8. Womens Revere Collar Tunic Womens Revere Collar Tunic
    From £20.99 £17.49
    Code: D313
  9. Womens Tunic Womens Tunic
    From £22.00 £18.33
    Code: HP369W
  10. Women's Stripe Tunic Women's Stripe Tunic
    From £26.99 £22.49
    Code: ST298
  11. Women's Mandarin Collar Tunic Women's Mandarin Collar Tunic
    From £26.99 £22.49
    Code: NF20