Personalised Waistcoat Uniforms

Use personalised waistcoats to create a professional image for your or your business by showcasing your brand identity, staff names and roles. Available with free delivery on orders of £85+.

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  1. Icona's Mens Waistcoat Icona's Mens Waistcoat
    From £34.99 £29.16
    Code: IC15
  2. Icona Womens Waistcoat Icona Womens Waistcoat
    From £35.99 £29.99
    Code: IC3
  3. Cadenza Womens Waistcoat Cadenza Womens Waistcoat
    From £55.99 £46.66
    Code: NF702
  4. Cadenza Men's Waistcoat Cadenza Men's Waistcoat
    From £55.00 £45.83
    Code: NM702
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4 Products

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You can choose to customise a wide range of waistcoats available from Alexandra. With options ideal for hospitality, business and trade professionals. Embroider them with colleague names and roles to denote your workplace hierarchy, or print them with more complicated designs or logos.

Embroidered waistcoats

Embroidery uses precise sewing machines to stitch your design onto your waistcoats. This technique gives a luxurious finish and excels at small designs needed in small numbers, so it’s ideal for small and local businesses.

Embroidering your waistcoats is ideal for adding your company logo, numbers or small amounts of custom text in various conventional fonts to your garments.

Printed waistcoats

Printed waistcoats are ideal for customisation when you need a large volume of customised garments, a waterproof finish or sharp colours.We offer you the choice of screen printing, vinyl printing or digital printing to ensure you get the customised waistcoats that suit your design, needs and budget.

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