Lab Coat Uniforms For Professionals

As the UK's leading supplier of workwear, our laboratory uniforms embody sophistication and professionalism.  Our range of lab coats are designed to not only meet the demands of various professions but also to ensure functionality and comfort throughout long workdays. 

Whether you're a medical professional tending to patients, a dedicated scientist conducting experiments, or a diligent worker in the food trade industry, our versatile lab coats are tailored to uphold the highest standards of performance in any environment.

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Durable and Functional Laboratory Uniforms

Our laboratory uniforms are durable and of the highest quality. Serving as a reliable barrier of protection between your skin and other clothing, our lab coats shield against spills and potential contact with hazardous substances, enhancing safety in the workplace. 

When paired with the appropriate footwear and trousers, our lab coats create a complete and professional uniform, ideal for diverse work settings such as research labs or healthcare facilities.

High-Quality Lab Coats for Men and Women

Our lab coats for women and men come in a variety of colours tailored to suit your individual needs. Whether you require the timeless professionalism of a classic white lab coat uniform for your healthcare role or prefer to add a splash of personality with something more colourful, we provide a good range of colour choices to accommodate your preferences.

Our Howie Unisex Lab Coat has three colour options with two shades of blue and a white option. If you’re searching for something a little more distinctive, the Unisex Stud Coat is available in 8 colours, including red, green and blue. 

All of our products are created with busy professionals in mind. They are versatile and easy to maintain no matter if you work in healthcare, a laboratory, the food industry, or a domestic environment.  They can be conveniently machine-washed at 60 degrees or cleaned in an industrial load. This guarantees practicality regardless of your workplace or setting.

Custom Lab Coats Tailored to Your Needs

At Alexandra Workwear, our personalised workwear range ensures that your lab coats are tailor-made to represent your business and brand effectively. 

You can personalise by embroidering colleague names and roles, or opt to print them with intricate designs or photographs for a more elaborate customisation.

Each custom item is inspected by our experts to verify it meets our high standards of quality.

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