Does workwear contribute towards equality in the workplace?

It goes without saying that workwear has undertaken many changes over the centuries. Gender-equality and stereotypes are being more widely disregarded. As such, the importance of the provision of workwear is evolving along the same path and becoming more impactful. This impact extends to team spirit and reaches the realm of inclusivity.

Why are uniforms important in the workplace?

Models wearing tradeswearModels wearing tradeswear

In a recent survey, 20% of employees suggested that they still felt a gender divide when it comes to workwear and uniform. At Alexandra, we continue our work to combat this notion with our range of products. Our product line includes unisex workwear in a range of cuts and colours. Therefore, we cater for individual body shapes and personal styles helping to promote inclusivity and gender equality at work.

When it comes to inclusion, a sense of belonging is invaluable to promote wellbeing within your company culture. Your workwear offering can make your team easily recognisable, and proud brand ambassadors of your product. In addition, a gender-equal workwear offering can promote a sense of cohesion and belonging with your team members. In turn, uniforms contribute to creating an equal and unified workforce where everyone feels safe.

How do employees feel about uniforms at work?

If you speak to any employee within a business, most people will welcome the option of wearing a uniform – Why?  Put simply, providing employees with a uniform, removes any pressures of wanting to ‘fit in’, the fear of standing out for the wrong reasons and/or any financial implications in buying your own workwear. Implementing a uniform not only creates a unified standard for all individual employees to follow, but also a sense of belonging and a team/family atmosphere to your workplace.
Teamwork has long been a priority for employers as they seek ways to harness team spirit and increase productivity. It goes without saying that branded, unified clothing goes a long way in helping to reach this goal, as employees feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie, working together as one team, to achieve a business’s goals and objectives.  

Models wearing Front of House garmentsModels wearing Front of House garments

How can Alexandra help your brand with equality, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace?

Models wearing Hi-Vis waistcoatsModels wearing Hi-Vis waistcoats

Alexandra are proud to be an inclusive workwear provider that promotes equality of gender, opportunity and wellbeing. Our range covers a variety of sectors including hospitality, healthcare, beauty and spa, and workwear to suit most sectors. We are a proud ‘preferred supplier’ to the NHS, having an established, long-standing history of supplying uniforms for generations of student and qualified nurses, and other healthcare professionals throughout the UK; in addition to being a royal warrant holder for 20 years, testament to our commitment to uniform development at the highest level.

Workwear and trades industries and those requiring personal protective equipment (PPE) are already making leaps towards being more gender inclusive. Offering male, female and unisex fits, a range of available lengths, and product choices to accommodate the different shapes and sizes of wearers. Alexandra is no exception to this, with a workwear range tailored to suit every taste, shape and fit.

Browse our website to view our full range of inclusive workwear for your diverse workplace. Alternatively, read our story to discover how Alexandra has shaped the workwear industry and work environments for decades.

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