Choosing the right head protection

Head protection is required in almost every industry where there is a risk of being injured when working in areas of restricted head space. Head protection can prevent impact from falling or flying objects, risk of head bumping and hair entanglement. Alexandra provides a range of helmets, hardhats, and bump caps for a variety of working environments from low to high risk. Ensuring you are compliant with the health and safety regulations can be daunting. We've put together this guide to help you understand how to protect yourself and your staff; from roofing and maintenance standards to construction head protection regulations.

Safety helmets and other head protection needs to protect the wearer from falling or flying objects, collapsing structures, and protruding extensions. Choosing the correct protection for your head is one of the most important decisions you will make when working in a high-risk environment or in the construction industry where there is the risk of objects falling on the head.

Alexandra’s chosen suppliers offer unrivalled levels of head protection and comfort. All industrial safety helmets and bump caps are produced under an ISO9001:2000 quality system and manufactures on the latest computerised injection-molding equipment.

Their helmets offer high levels of impact protection whilst providing the wearer with lasting comfort. All of their industrial safety helmets are tested and certified to the European Standard EN397. In addition, all head protection is batch-release tested using purpose designed equipment employing the latest techniques.

Head protection should:

-       Be in good condition. If it’s damaged, throw it away.

-       Be fitted correctly. Make sure that it is the person wearing it is do so correctly.

-       Not stop you wearing hearing protectors and ear defenders too (when required.)

Examples of hazards which may require head protection:

-       Construction environments with scaffolding. Although the environment may be safe, protection is still necessary to reduce the risk of head injury. All employers should issue all employees with head protection on a construction site.

-       A roofer working on an unsafe structure with potential to slip if unsafe.

-       Maintenance worker.

-       Self-employed or agency contractor within an unknown and potentially dangerous environment.

European Standards:

Harmonised European standards for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) have been developed as the preferred means of demonstrating equipment conformity with the basic health and safety requirements (BHSRs) of the EC Personal Protective Equipment Direction (89/686/EEC)/ Only equipment which meets these BHSRs is entitled to carry the CE mark and is to be sold for use in the EU.

EN14052 Standard

Requires that the same helmet is tested twice, once on the crown and one on either, the left or right side, front or back. Together with the testing height of up to 2.5 metres, passing EN14052 means this helmet can take 3 times the impact of any other EN397 helmet on the market. Look at our en14052 safety helmet.

EN397 Standard

The basic specifications in EN397 contain tests for shock absorption, penetration and flame resistance as well for chinstrap anchorage. Browse our helmets that meet the en397 safety helmet specification.

EN50365 Standard

Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations.

EN812 Standard

Used in the industry to protect the head when it is hit by hard or static objects that can stun or cause lacerations and superficial injury to the wearer. These products are primarily intended for indoor use but can also be used outside in certain working environments. Purchase our en812 certified bump cap which conforms to en812 industrial bump cap standards or view our other head protection ppe.

Alexandra offers hard hat, helmet, bump cap and lightweight head protection, so that your management of health and safety at work regulations can be met. To find your british standard helmet, suitable for your workplace needs, browse our head protection and helmets.

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