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Our pack of 100 disposable plastic aprons come flat-packed for easy storage. Their 20-micron thickness polythene makes these disposable aprons bacteria and fluid resistant for use in all medical settings and ideal in other industries like catering and beauty.

The aprons feature a comfortable halter neck design, which allows the wearer more movement and breathability around their neck to keep them cool. The garments also include waist ties which permit the wearer to fit the apron to their body shape for greater comfort and ease of movement.

What is PPE, and why is it so important?

Many medical professionals wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of patients, colleagues and themselves. Our disposable apron is designed for use as PPE. It sits on top of other garments to act as a waterproof barrier preventing contaminated substances from reaching and infecting the wearer.

Why are aprons important when cooking?

Alexandra’s disposable aprons can be used in the catering industry to ensure proper hygiene is maintained. The garments’ polythene material is easy to wipe clean so that food handlers can prevent cross-contamination, and their waterproof properties prevent spillages from reaching the uniform underneath to ensure staff remain neat and tidy.

What is donning and doffing PPE disposable aprons?

Donning is putting a garment on, and doffing is it off. To don a disposable apron, stick your head through the neck strap and tie the waist straps around your waist. To doff, break the neck strap, then undo the waist strap and roll the apron into a ball.

How to sterilize an apron?

Alexandra’s flat-packed aprons are designed to be disposed of after a single-use. To dispose of them safely, roll the apron into a ball, so the side that was touching the wearer remains on the outside. Then discard it into a proper medical waste receptacle.

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