The safety shoes and safety footwear that we provide as part of the PPE range includes a range of protective work shoes designed to protect you whilst at work - in a number of working environments.

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Alexandra provides a wide range of safety shoes, safety trainers and protective footwear for use in the construction, trade and engineering industries. As part of our PPE range, our safety shoes for men and women are designed to protect you while at work in many working environments.

If you need safety boots with steel toe caps, composite toe boots, anti-static footwear, slip-resistant safety clogs for wet environments or safety wellies for chemical protection, we have suitable safety footwear for you. All are made with safety features en iso 20345 standards.

Dr Martens Safety Shoes & Boots

The Dr Martens safety footwear is made from industrial corrected full-grain leather, making it tough and durable for safety work. The traditional 7-eye safety boot features a robust air-cushioned sole and a Smartmask® polyurethane-cushioned footbed.

Slip-on shoe

Our slip-on safety shoe is ideal for employees in the chemical, sanitary, and food industries. It features a waterproof upper, shock-absorbing heel, steel toe cap, and non-slip tread.

Blackrock Ergonomic safety wellington

The Blackrock Ergonomic safety wellington is ideal for all staff in wet and slippery environments due to its durability and resistance to oil, various detergents and chemicals. These wellies are complete with a protective steel toe cap and midsole, washable nylon lining.

Delta Plus Smash Safety Trainer

These composite safety trainers are useful for light industry work requiring a durable but stylish shoe. They can withstand up to 200 joules of pressure, featuring a composite safety toe cap.

Which are the best lightweight safety shoes?

The Delta Smash Safety trainer is one of the best lightweight safety shoes available for purchase. These shoes are compliant to en iso 20345 standards with a composite toe cap able to withstand up to 200 joules of pressure. They’re an ideal trainer for light industry work with excellent performance.

What are the best safety Shoes for Women?

Alexandra offers a wide range of safety shoes for women and men. Our selection includes footwear from iconic brands such as Dr Martens, Blackrock and Delta. While our own brand products come with a two-year guarantee from the date of delivery to offer you peace of mind.

Which is the best safety footwear brand?

Alexandra stocks some of the best safety footwear brands. Dr Martens, Blackrock, and Delta are among the classic brands represented in our collection. While our own brand products have a two-year warranty from the delivery date to provide you peace of mind.

What are safety shoes?

A safety shoe is a type of shoe or boot made to protect the feet from falls, being crushed and hazardous substances. In the UK, safety footwear has to comply with en iso 20345 standards, which specifies it must feature toe protection and withstand up to 200 joules of pressure. 

Why are safety shoes so heavy?

Safety shoes are heavier than ordinary shoes because they’re made from thicker material and feature thicker soles to provide penetration protection to the feet. Many also feature steel or composite toecaps to prevent the feet from being crushed by heavy equipment or heavy items falling onto the wearer.

Which safety shoes are the best?

Alexandra offers a wide range of the best safety shoes available to purchase in the UK. Our range features brands such as Dr Martens and Blackrock, while our own-brand products come with a two-year guarantee from the date of delivery.

Are there any alternatives to steel toe boots?

Many wearers of safety shoes prefer to wear composite toe caps rather than steel. This is because both can withstand pressure up to the en iso 20345 standards. However, composite is lighter than steel, so it can be more comfortable to wear for long periods.

What are the most comfortable steel toe work boots?

Alexandra offers a range of comfortable steel toe work boots for protection in hazardous environments. For example, the Dr Martens safety boot features a padded tongue to protect the instep, while the SAF PVC air-cushioned anti-slip sole gives comfort to the wearer.

Does wearing steel toes every day wreck your body?

Many people have lengthy careers in industries that require daily wearing of steel toe caps without any adverse effects. Providing you choose safety shoes that are suitable for your activity, with the right fit, level of comfort and length, you’ll be able to wear them safely.

What are some good work boots?

Alexandra provides a selection of comfortable steel toe work boots for use in hazardous areas. The Dr Martens safety boot, for example, has a padded tongue to protect the instep, while the SAF PVC air-cushioned anti-slip sole provides comfort to the wearer.

Where is the best place to buy work shoes in the UK?

Alexandra Workwear stocks a wide selection of work shoes for all industries. Whether you need footwear for the healthcare, hospitality, business, trade or security sector, we have an extensive range to suit your needs. Where relevant, our footwear is made to the latest sector-specific standards.

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