Summer Essentials

Beat the heat this summer - with our specially designed range of lightweight garments for healthcare and NHS workers. This range has been designed with you in mind to ensure you keep cool, no matter what the temperature is outside.

  1. HP902_HB
    Lightweight Scrub Set
    As low as £22.78 £18.98
  2. Unisex medical lightweight Scrub tunic grey
    Unisex Lightweight Scrub Tunic
    As low as £16.56 £13.80
  3. Women's lightweight scrub tunic magenta NF26
    Women’s Lightweight Scrub Tunic
    As low as £16.56 £13.80
  4. unisex lightweight medical scrub trousers blue D398
    Unisex Lightweight Scrub Trousers
    As low as £16.56 £13.80
  5. Womens classic lightweight healthcare tunic light blue
    Women's Classic Lightweight Tunic
    As low as £22.75 £18.96
  6. Men's lightweight medical healthcare tunic blue NM48
    Men's Lightweight Tunic
    As low as £22.75 £18.96
  7. Women’s lightweight stripe tunic
    Women's lightweight stripe tunic
    As low as £20.75 £17.29
  8. Nurse Zip front dress D312 Navy blue
    Zip Front Dress
    As low as £30.36 £25.30
  9. Womens classic spot healthcare dress HE227 navy
    Womens Classic Spot Dress
    As low as £41.40 £34.50
  10. ST312
    Stripe Dress
    As low as £31.74 £26.45
  11. Classic collar Stripe nurse dress ST297 green/white
    Striped Collar Dress
    As low as £31.74 £26.45
  12. Maternity Dress
    Maternity Dress
    As low as £32.56 £27.13